Pregnancy Five pregnancy problems and cure

By Gunjan, 
Pregnancy is that phase of life when a woman goes through emotional and mental change. Its a delicate phase of life in which we should ensure our fitness . When I was pregnant I tried my level best to remain happy throughout my pregnancy period. I know it is difficult but I tried my level  best. My husband and my mother in law were a great support for me at that time. They gave me a stress less environment and after going through that phase I think  it is very important for a pregnant woman to be mentally relaxed. Light physical activities in form of daily house hold works and some light exercises during pregnancy can help a woman in giving a healthy baby without much of a problem.

 Before we know the benefits lets check out this video where some warm up pregnancy excises have been shown which will help in your pregnancy woes.
Benefit of exercising in Pregnancy and how exercising helps in pregnancy problem.
Back pain during Pregnancy – Backache is quiet a common problem during pregnancy and constipation too. Thankfully my doctor was very encouraging during that period and light exercises helped me getting rid of back ache. 
Constipation during pregnancy- Light Exercises during pregnancy helps in right functioning of bowel and intestine which relives woman from constant constipation problem. There are some exercises which ensure proper blood and oxygen flow to your uterus helping the fetus to get ample supply of blood, oxygen and nutrition.

Posture exercises Right exercises not only give a correct posture to your body and helps in maintaining weight and removing the extra flab which deposits during pregnancy. Our thighs and butts are the places which has most of the accumulated fat which becomes a biggest problem post pregnancy stage.
Labor Pain– Right fitness regime helps you in labor and make it comparatively easy and less complicated for woman .Regular exercises not only give you less painful pregnancy but keeps you active till the last month of your pregnancy.
Healthy sleep– Exercises during pregnancy gives a proper and relaxed sleep which is essential for both the mother and child. It reduces stress level and keeps you in active mode.

If your find above points convincing then do begin your workouts as early as possible and make sure that you consult your doctor before you begin with them. Do not go overboard with the exercises and drink as much water as you can. Keep yourself relaxed by wearing loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes. 

Hope my article encourages all the Wise She all the moms to be to take up exercising.

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