Pregnant women – Diet for pregnant women and more

The moment everyone comes to know about your pregnancy there are all sorts of suggestion which are given to you. Pregnant women food is one of the most discussed topic among females who are planning for a baby.Below is crux of the info which will help out women during their pregnancy.

Diet during pregnancy
A pregnant woman needs 80 thousand extra calories in order to give birth to a healthy baby .This is because a woman spends around 300 additional calories every day during pregnancy.300 calories are not a big figure this is equal to amount of calories which is present in a glassful of low fat milk.

Nutrition during pregnancy 
Food rich in calcium should be taken during pregnancy as it prevents high blood pressure which is common problem at that time. For those who detest milk there is a bad news for them because having milk during pregnancy is the most essential thing during pregnancy. Low fat milk should be taken regularly before, during and after the delivery of the child.
Food during pregnancy
Cook rice or barley in milk instead of water so that you can get ample amount of calcium. Eating food which is rich in calcium is important during pregnancy as a pregnant women requires 1000mg of calcium every day.
Constipation during pregnancy
Avoid constipation during pregnancy .For this drinking more water is advisable. Drinking more water will help the child growing in the womb. Drink water before the meals as well after the meals with this include skimmed milk and fruit juice also.

Low Iron during pregnancy
Iron during pregnancy is very important and including protein rich foods such as dry beans, green peas etc is important. Including iron in food is an difficult task so it is better to have iron tablets and cook vegetables in iron pans.
Go slow with tea and coffee as it reduces the weight of this child. Eat green leafy vegetables and variety of other food during pregnancy so that one can get sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins.

Anemia in pregnancy:
A woman starts feeling fatigued when the haemoglobin level reduces in the blood.Some of the symptoms of anemia during pregnancy are stress, irritable, restless, emotional, angry and suffer from dry hair, hair loss and lack of interest in work.
Causes of anemia during pregnancy
The main reason why a person suffers from anemia is the absence of nutritional elements in the food which is vital for formation of blood. Half a cup of rice has 0.5 mg of iron and one cup of milk has 0.1 mg of iron where as a healthy woman loses 28mg iron every day during menstruation.

Diet during pregnancy:
It is important for a woman to go for pregnancy when she is good in healthy. One should pay attention to their health and try to improve their digestion during pregnancy- Taking hot lemon water with honey, raw vegetables such as carrot, cucumber, juices such as white gourd juice, vegetable juice, fruits juice, soups of vegetables, dry dates and raisins helps in improving digestion during this period.
Pregnancy diet plan

A woman who is healthy can follow below diet plan.
1. Start you day with luke warm lemon water with honey or take a fruit or vegetable juice.
2. Take around 20 to 25 gm of raisins three to four dry dates along with milk and half cup of fruit which includes apple, papaya , pear etc at around 9 a.m
3. Take fruit juice, raw vegetables and soup again around 11 or 12
4. You can have lunch at around 1 or 2 in which you can include chapatti , salad, vegetables, curd etc. Try to include more of salad.
5. Take some fruit again at 5 pm or fruit juice followed by vegetable soup at around 7
6. You can have lentils, vegetables, salads with two chapattis at
7. Drink milk at bed time and take vegetable soup after a hour of eating fruits.
8. Whenever you feel hungry you can take fruits juices again.
If you are pregnant that doesn’t mean you can take food in excess. Take food which has more of vitamins, minerals and nutrition.
Be active in your pregnancy and go for small walk in morning and evening. Read good books try to keep yourself stress free and have a happy pregnancy.
P.S- Your body may require more or less of above thing so do discuss your doctor before following above points.
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  1. Hi Gunjan..I never really notice the person who wrote the article na..sorryyy 🙁 Nice diet plan..I think even the non-pregnants will find this useful 🙂

  2. its opposite with my friend..she says how much she eats she feels hungry all the time :P..
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  3. Hi Gunjan..I never really notice the person who wrote the article na..sorryyy 🙁 Nice diet plan..I think even the non-pregnants will find this useful 🙂


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