Princess Mary Beauty, Fitness & Makeup Secrets



Princess Mary Beauty, Fitness & Makeup Secrets

I first came to know about Princess Mary when her marriage to Frederik, the Crown Prince of Denmark was portrayed as a modern “fairytale” romance between a prince and a commoner.

But being a beauty blogger, I am now more interested in knowing her beauty, makeup and fashion secrets than paying attention to spicy news related to her life.


Princess Mary beauty secrets


So here goes her beauty, fitness and makeup secrets…

Skin and Hair care:-

No crazy formulas or magical ingredients, just good care and attention is her key to flawless, baby soft skin and super lustrous brown hair.

  • The minimal makeup, the better for your skin.
  • She always ensures to take her make-up off before bed.

Skincare products:-

Ole Henriksen is the man responsible for Princess Mary’s healthy, glowing complexion. His products are delivered to the Palace.

Her favourites are:-

  • Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel- Firming Treatment
  • Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation- Renewing Creme
  • Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel
  • Ole Henriksen Pure Perfection Anti-Aging Crème
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster

She is a fan of my Ole’s Fresh Start eye crème too which is rich and dense in texture, allowing for a flawless makeup application.

The only thing he is very open to experimenting is with her hair. She loves styling them as per occasion. From gorgeous swishy glossy beachy waves to royal bun, her hair looks incredible.


Princess Mary beauty, fitness and makeup secrets


She trims the ends of her hair every six weeks.

Conditioning hair is very crucial.

Fitness care:-

Her well toned body is the result of supremely active lifestyle that includes regular jogging around the gardens of Amalienborg Palace, horse riding, Pilates, yoga, swimming, boxing and gym work. “‘She likes body awareness exercises, joint mobility exercises and heavy resistance training. Full body movements with dumbbells and barbells.” says her trainer, Jacob Søndergaard.


Less is more…!! Flawlessly natural make-up, her beauty look became one of the most iconic of her time. Even for a big event, she likes to keep her look natural. She believes in keeping her base perfect, and starts with a moisturiser on her skin, followed by a foundation that matches her skin tone perfectly. She isn’t brand conscious and her recent favourite is a simple and effective Danish make-up range called Tromborg Professional Makeup.


Princess Mary fitness secrets


For eyes: She loves subtle eye shadow shades that will make her already gleaming eyes pop more. Her all time favourite is a shimmery champagne or beige colored eye shadow. She believes in less eye shadow and more mascara. If she has to use eye shadows, she uses the darkest one along the lash line and a subtle neutral one on the crease, but never forgets to curl and add loads of volume to lashes by using her favourite mascaras.

For lips:- The trick she uses is apply lipstick with the help of index finger. “The fingertip actually has the shape of a lipstick, so it will give you the perfect application as well as making your lip look stained, which will make them look fuller.” says the princess.

For cheeks:- Peachy pink blushes. She thinks overdoing with blushes can make you look old.

Last but not the least, she believes in staying happy. A happy face is a beautiful face…

Do you follow Princess Mary and her beauty secrets?

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