Pro Tips For Lip Makeup


Pro Tips For Lip Makeup

Lipsticks are every girl’s first love! Mine too! πŸ™‚ Right from stealing it from my mom’s dressing table and secretly applying it on Diwali, it all came to choosing shades together to wear to elder cousin’s wedding! But the love was same and the confidence as well, that come what may, lipstick is a must even if you don’t know any thing about rest of the makeup chores! πŸ˜‰

lip makeup

The other day we had a Wise She follower requesting to know about how to apply lipstick perfectly! So, here I am with some of theΒ  best tips which can really help a novice learn how to apply it perfectly and wear it confidently! πŸ™‚

lipstick application

Always Start with A Lip Balm-

Even if your lips are super soft & smooth, a layer of lip balm will do no harm but will create a better canvas for the lipstick to be applied in a smooth manner!

lip makeup tips

Opt for a light lip balm which doesn’t feel too heavy on the lips. After applying lip balm you can do your eyes or brows in the meanwhile the lip balm nourishes your lips for the final lipstick application!

apply lip balm

Conceal the Dark Lip Corners-

If you are someone who has dark lip corners, then use a good concealer as per your complexion and apply it with the ring finger with soft strokes.

lip lightening lip balm by omorfee

If you have slightly dark lips, you can also use a lip concealer or lip lightening balm to neutralize the dark lips. It will also help you when you wish to wear light shades.

lip makeup application

Outline The Lips Carefully-

Next thing is to outline the lips with a matching shade of lip liner as the lipstick you are planning to wear. Start from the cupid’s bow and neatly make a criss-cross line to make them look perfect.

lip liner

So with a soft hand just apply liner to the outline of your lips without going anywhere outside the edges of the lips.

applying lip liner wet and wild

Always make sure that the shades of lipstick & the lip liner are one or two tones similar. Using one lip liner with every shade of lipstick is just not okay and will definitely not look good.

red lip liner

Apply a soft layer of lip liner all over the lips roughly so that a lipstick will have to just add the punch of color to the lips. If you wish to do an Ombre Lip Makeup, then it is best that you outline the lips and leave them without filling.

ombre lip liner

Applying Lipstick Perfectly-

Always make sure you apply lipstick towards inside the edges or your lips. When applying lipstick at the corner, make an ‘O’ face to make it easier to apply without tugging the lips or going further from the outline.

maybelline big apple red lipstick-20 big apple red

While applying lipstick towards the center part of your lips, make a soft smiley face! πŸ™‚ It will be really easy to apply lipstick this way!

red liquid lipstick

Coming to the lipstick part, if it is a matte lipstick you can try using it directly from the bullet or the sponge applicator given along but if it is a liquid lipstick/ lip paint, then it is always a great idea to use a lip brush to apply the color evenly on the lips without any flaws.

Some Useful Quick-fix Tips-

  • Also make sure to not apply lipstick inside the lips to an extent that it starts transferring on your teeth! Apply over only that area which is visible if you are talking to someone!

lakme red lipstick

  • Always check for lipstick stains on the teeth as soon as you are finished with lip makeup, as this is the last thing to do during makeup application and you might end up showing with lipstick stained teeth in a party!
  • If you are wearing a creamy lipstick, it is good to bloat the excess color with a tissue paper and re-apply the color with soft hands. This will make the lipstick transfer-proof & it will not bleed further!

pro tips for lip makeup

  • If you have, shaky hands, sometimes applying the lipstick, it spreads to the out edges and doesn’t look good. So a quick tip is to apply a hint of concealer to even out the edges and keep them in shape!

Hope these tips prove useful to everyone who is still taking cues & learning how to apply lipstick flawlessly! Keep practicing!  πŸ™‚



  1. Bahut sahi main to mostly bullet lipstick hi lagati hu, direct apply kiya fir uske baad khud ko Mrs World se kam nahi samjhti
    Jokes apart, ab aapki tips dhyan rakhungi, thanks for sharing


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