Pro Tips To Apply Liquid Eye Liner Flawlessly


Pro Tips To Apply Liquid Eye Liner Flawlessly

Applying a liquid eye liner is like putting thread into a needle for me. I mean every time I miss, I end up hurting myself. Agree? Do you also face the same? Thank God It is a universal problem and I am not alone here. Else, I had started to doubt myself for being a loser completely. I mean so many women young and old are applying it day in and day out and here I am, not even an inch near the flawless application. But researching online, I found that it is indeed an exercise and requires a lot of effort and practice.

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I found some steps that are said to be really helpful in letting you have that perfect eye line in a matter of minutes and then later seconds. I am sure you are also eager to know these and try like I am. Let’s try.

Step 1

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If you are applying eye liner as part of an overall makeup regime, like dressing up for a party, go ahead and apply your eye shadow first. Applying liner over eye shadow makes it last longer as per experts. If not, then apply your eye liner directly as in Step 2.

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Step 2

While applying your eye liner, always begin with the center of your eye lash, if you feel that you cannot draw a straight line beginning center, you could create several dashes using a pencil eye liner and then connect the dots! Simple, isn’t it? Just ensure you do not create too many dashes and add confusion to yourself.

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Also, keep it closer to the eye lashes for that perfect finish.

Step 3

Once you have drawn a single line, if you are pleased with it, cool else, do repeated coats on the same line and try and keep it closer to the eye lash moving slowly and gradually upwards.

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Guess we are done!

There are however some rules you need to follow before you go for the eye liner application like a pro.

Rules to apply a liner-

Always keep a makeup remover, it better be mild and cotton ready, so that any smudge can be taken care of immediately.

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While applying always follow the curve of your eye line than to create anything new and extra ordinary as this might lead to something weird which you might not appreciate.

Also, keep your hand steady and do not hurry to avoid smudge or damage of the eye liner.

Do not create a too thick line at a first go, go slow and this would not be a mistake.

Always choose an eye liner which dries quickly and is smooth to apply.

Use a pointed liner brush as it avoids smudge and gives you a smooth finish.

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Always let the eye liner dry before you open your eye. Go for one eye at a time and let one eye dry completely before going to the second one.

Hope these tips are useful and help you apply your eye liner like a pro. Remember, we were not born with a lipstick in hand, we learnt it here, so eye liner also can be learnt. It needs practice which we can devote time to and as they say, there is no end to learning.

Have you tried these pro tips to apply eyeliner?

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