Procedure Of Hair Transplantation And Benefits


Procedure Of Hair Transplantation And Benefits

Hair Transplantation is quite popular these days as the changed lifestyle of individuals has resulted in premature-greying of hair and also hair loss which is getting worse each day. The lack of many essential nutrients and the stressful lifestyle has eventually affected the overall health of people.

The loss of hair which results in baldness is also hereditary in many cases but in most cases the over-exposure to pollution, chemicals & unhealthy stuff has pre-dominantly caused the hair loss issue.

hair transplantation benefits

Everyone, be it a man or woman wish to hair healthy, dense hair as it surely embarks good looks and attractive personality. For men, there are still so many options as the shaved head look will eventually suit them but for a woman there is no option other than cosmetic surgery like Hair Transplantation.

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Nowadays, keeping in mind the high level of stress in people’s life, there is least possibility that people will wait over the months or years  and depend on the natural remedies to cure the hair loss & baldness issues. Instead, now people want to switch over to a less time consuming and fast procedure which is certainly costly but gives a better shot at regaining the lost hair from the scalp. Though this kind of treatment has certain side effects but then also it is one of the most popular choice for dealing with hair loss in a quick way.

Hair Transplantation Procedure-

Hair Transplantation is mainly a cosmetic procedure in which the hair follicles from one part of the head or body is transplanted to the part where baldness or severe hair loss is experienced. In this process the skin or hair follicles is replaced after detecting the actual reason for severe hair loss.

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Usually, Hair Transplantation is advised only for those who have undergone all kinds of possible medications like Homeopathy which is quite popular for holistically helping in regain the density of hair given the fact that one follows the medication for a considerable time period and that too regularly.

My Brother in law has previously worked as a Consulting Doctor with Richfeel Trichology Centre and is well acquainted with the Hair Transplantation procedure. Hair Transplantation is a huge success these days as it uses the hair follicles of the same person from the other part of the head where hair growth is normal so that the re-grown hair has the same texture and density.

Hair Transplantation is a new hope for all those who experience severe hair loss & baldness in very early stages of their life.


  • The foremost benefit of Hair Transplantation is that it restores the natural hair and one doesn’t has to struggle with the baldness issue specially young boys and girls as in their age, looks and personality has a great importance.
  • Hair fall or baldness for any reason like Hereditary factors or the degraded lifestyle, Hair Transplantation can effectively help an individual in gaining the desired density of hair on the scalp through this surgical procedure.
  • The hair growth after transplantation is so natural that no one is able to spot the difference between the original and the hair after transplantation.
  • The best thing about Hair Transplant is that it is a one time process and the patient doesn’t needs to undergo any treatment after the hair transplant is done in completion. Only suitable hair care products are advised for the patient.

Well, I hope you find this info useful if you or anyone close to you is struggling with hair loss issues which is abnormal as per their age.

P.S. This is a very generalized description of how the procedure is done. For an elaborate explanation, one needs to visit the Trichologist and consult about the type of Hair Transplantation as per their scalp.

What are your views about Hair Transplantation?

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  1. Good post! Hair Transplantation is one of the popular medical methods used to treat hair loss problems. Last month my father did this treatment at Cevre Health Tourism center. His surgery was very cost effective and powerful. He got healthy hair with the help of this method. Thanks for sharing with us such a useful post.

  2. Love this article. Hair transplantation is sometime misunderstood. Thanks for shading some light on the actual procedure and benefits. Good Work.


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