Products To Protect From Sun Tan On Beaches


Rasmi Singh asks,

Please suggest some products to protect skin from sun tan at beaches


Product to protect from sun tan on beaches


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  1. Hi…I just came back from Goa, so here are couple of things I did.

    1. Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry sunblock cream – SPF 50++ (Review on wise she available). It’s a good sunblock not too oily or dry (I have an oily skin). Alternatively you could also use sunscreen from Vichy’s spf 50+ , it is totally worth it.
    Do apply it every 2 hours on all the exposed parts and if u r wearing light cloths like cotton then u can apply it all over once and re-apply on exposed parts. This is especially if you are getting into the water.
    2. In the evenings you could use cucumber based toners.
    3. Use some lip balm with spf. TBS has got few.
    4. Cover your head with wide hat so you don’t have to use sun protection for your hair.
    5. You can also use Lotus sun tan pack to get rid of any tan (but that’s after your trip )


  2. Hi Rashmi

    I swear by Lotus Suncreen Lotion SPF 30…this works very well for me.
    Apply it every hour, for maximum protection and in the night use cucumber juice on your face.

    In case, you face sun-burn or sun-tan – pick up a piece of (GOOD) sandal wood and make a paste. Apply for 20 mins and wash off. This is by personal experience. Yeah…the quality of sandalwood is very important, You get good ones in the Govt museums. I used the one given as prasadam at temple.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Neutrogena sunblock SPF 50 is my HG. So I would definitely recommend that. Also take some kinda aloe vera gel with you, which would act as a coolant post exposure to sun.

  4. Hey Anamika, I think for me the ultimate sun block is Parachute’s Advanced body lotion. The coconut extracts make my skin fair no matter how sunny it is and the mint extracts act as a natural sun block.

  5. is there any good sunscreen for dudes, my work involves travelling a lot in the sun. and i hate to get a tan – it just doesnt work for me.
    i’ve used neutrogena sunblock spf50 but it leaves a white residue and everytime i sweat it kind of drips with the sweat. need something stronger and more powerful – not too picky on how it smells so throw in your recommendations.
    thanks & cheers !


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