Professional Auravedic Ritual Skin Lightening Mask Review


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skin lightening mask with saffron sandal and turmeric

I am back today to review the Professional Aura Vedic Ritual Skin Lightening mask. But before I review it I must tell you something very critical here. The thing is that there is a lot of confusion over this product specially its name and packaging.

In 2013, Poorna reviewed Ritual aura vedic ritual skin lightening mask which apparently has the same packaging as the Professional Aura Vedic ritual skin lightening mask. Both the products have exactly the same packaging and even their main ingredients are the same – saffron, sandal and turmeric. It was initially a lot of confusion for me too but now that I know what the exact difference is, it is easy and my life is sorted. The biggest and the only visible difference is the color inside. The Ritual Aura Vedic is khaki mustard color while this one is pale yellow.

auraveda ritual skin lightening mask saffron

Another difference which you can ask while you buy it is its launch date. The Ritual one was launched 3 years back when we reviewed it for you while this Professional Auravedic lightening mask is recent. Not sure why is the packaging so similarly done! The brands should be little conscious about these things as these can cause a lot of confusion to the customers who could pick the wrong product off the shelf. And it might make the brand lose its precious market because if the customers get confused about a product they might not even prefer buying it the next time. I mean who would open the pack and check the color to differentiate?

Even interesting thing is that both of them are available online, which means I cannot decide which product to buy as I cannot physically examine it specially when I have to see its launch date or its color to decide and buy.

skin lightening mask reviews

My Experience with Professional Auravedic Ritual Skin Lightening Mask

Anyway, let me come to the usage part. I find this product a little heavy on my skin. Although the ingredients mentioned are all pretty safe and ayurvedic or natural, there is still some bit of it which stays heavy. Like for example I can see that the oil visibly separates from the pack which means that the product might not be a very good idea for the people with oily skin. Even I experienced breakouts after using it. It might be due to something else but whenever I have used this product, I have witnessed 1-2 acne on my skin. This kind of makes me jittery to apply it.

skin lightening mask by auravedic

I did see some bit of anti-tanning qualities as I found my tan improve a bit but nothing much to be really happy about.

The price is really good if someone wants to pick it up. It is available at INR 135 for a 50 gm pack. I checked for the price but it is available with other e-retailers as well. I would suggest it for the normal to dry skin people among-est us but not for the ones who have an acne-prone skin as I found it oil saturating.

If you check the website, you would also find that there is no review or anything on the product! I presume is because people do not find this product doing them a lot of good. You may try it on your skin and use it.



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