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Helloooo, beauties!


Remember Cinderella? And her fairy mother who used to transform her into a beautiful princess for Prince Charles? Yes, a makeup artist can be the same when it comes to making ourselves a little better. We can consult makeup artist when we are going to an event but not for everyday makeup. But we can surely apply some simple tricks used by them to achieve those flawless finishes. Here are some tricks and tips of professional makeup artist which you must know! Enjoy.

Professional Makeup Tips:

  • Do you have translucent powder at your home? Well, then you can’t have greasy hair or small eyelashes. You can dust the powder on your hair to avoid greasiness of hair or on eyelashes to give them the falsies effect. Great na?
  • If you want a natural look for the day but don’ t have a natural looking foundation, then add some moisturiser into it. The more moisturiser you add into it, the more natural finish it gives. You can add this even to your highlighter, contour or concealer to give those natural makeup looks.

  • Want a natural looking face? Then add petroleum jelly to your blush, highlighter or even contour. This will make them have a creamy texture which will easily blend into your skin.
  • Want a velvet finish out of a fully matte one? Then dab an eyeshadow or a blush of a warmer tone on the lips. The products should be close to the lip colour you are wearing.
  • If you love dewy skin like me but has an oily skin, then spray some facial mist all over your makeup. This will make sure you have a dewy finish makeup without making skin oily or inviting pimples.

  • If you feel your skin is dry and flaky, dab some facial oil over the problematic areas with a beauty blender/makeup sponge. This will make the area smooth without being OTT
  • Have a bronzer and don’t know how to multi-use it? Well, I have one idea. Just apply some bronzer all over your eyelids which will make your eyes look really fresh and popped out. It is summer and there should be some no makeup-makeup look tips!
  • Under eye bags and no corrector at home? Don’t worry! Mix a red-orange tone lipstick with your favourite concealer and then apply all over the under eye area. This will work in the same manner minus the extra money spend.

  • Use a clear wax brow pencil to line your lips when you don’t have a matching lip liner for your lipstick. It won’t look weird plus it won’t let your lipstick wear out.
  • If you want a dramatic yet a natural look, then instead of going for falsies, stick two false lashes on top of each other. This will make the lashes look fuller minus the OTT effect.

That’s all folks! Hope you like the post.

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