Promoting hair growth with some Grandma’s advice – Tip of the day


 By Nancy’s Mom,

 Grandma’s advice has always worked for me and before I become a grand ma I am sharing it with you sweet  ladies.:)

At night before going to sleep, give your hair a hundred strokes with a brush.This increases blood circulation in the scalp leading to hair growth.

 Be careful and brush your hair gently as harsh and vigorous stroking may cause breakage.

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  1. aw.. i jus did it before goin to bed yesterday… and i hope i can continue doin that.. its sooo cold here i jus wanna cuddle up and sleep inside the blanket.. 😛

  2. Traditional believes that comes from our ancestors and grand parents are still exist since proven by some people that by following what they have shared from us is not bad if we keep trying and see how effective is it to us,


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