Pros And Cons Of Cushion Compacts


Pros And Cons Of Cushion Compacts

What Is A Cushion Compact?

After BB creams & sheet masks, here’s the next big thing from Korea, the Cushion Compact! Cushion compacts have dominated the Korean beauty markets since their launch in 2008. Simply put, a cushion compact is a foundation, BB or CC cream absorbed in a sponge. It comes with a thin powder puff which needs to be pressed into the cushion to use the product. This cushion is nothing but a sponge soaked in the product. Simply tap it all around your face, blend a little & you are good to go! The result is a natural & buildable coverage. In fact, it is quite fun to use as compared to the traditional ones!

Most cushion compacts offer multiple benefits as they include SPF & other skincare ingredients. These beauties are definitely here to stay & make way into your skincare regimen. Amore Pacific, Dr. Jart’s & Laneige are some of the major brands which offer cushion compacts.


Pros Of Cushion Compacts

Easy To Use:

With their awesome squishy mechanism, they are very easy to use. The sponge releases just the right amount of product required. So you don’t have to worry about creases, spills or sticky fingers!



Cushion compacts are quite hydrating & help in improving your skin condition.

Sun Protection:

The cushion compacts have built-in SPF which protects your skin from the harmful rays of the Sun & is definitely an added advantage!

Natural Coverage:

Since the sponge releases just the right amount of product, you simply have to tap & blend the product onto your skin. This gives a natural coverage that can be gradually built up.

Easy To Carry:

It comes in a classy packaging along with a puff. It fits right into your purse & is easy to carry around



Cons Of Cushion Compacts


Cushion compacts are now making their way outside Korea, but the availability is still quite limited. It will definitely take up some time for these products to become easily available in India & other markets.

Limited Shades:

Being a relatively new product, there are not a lot of shade options to choose from as per your skin type. There is still a lot of scope in terms of different shade ranges available.



The amount of product in the compact is not much as compared to the price it is offered at. So, people are still figuring out if it’s really worth the price?

Hygiene In Question?

Since the product is absorbed in a sponge, it is not perfectly hygienic to use. The sponge can be a breeding ground for bacteria & it can be a bit tricky to properly clean it as well.

Have you tried the Cushion Compact lately?

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