Pros and Cons Of Fish Pedicure


Pros and Cons Of Fish Pedicure


Eating fish is great for skin. But on the contrary letting the fish eat you can also be good for skin :-O

Yup friends! But just don’t start planning a trip to a shark and whale infested sea to get yourself eaten :-D. I’m talking about fish pedicure here, the pedicures without pumices and metal files.


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What is a Fish Pedicure

It may sound creepy so brace yourselves. In a fish pedicure, you need to merge your feet in a tub filled with doctor fish- Garra rufa. The starving fish will then attack your feet and eat up all the dead skin and calluses.

This pedicure is not for the faint-hearted. If you have extremely bad feet, this pedicure promises to give you the feet like that of a baby.

This particular species of fish is a native of middle east. These fish are being used in Turkey for centuries for healing purposes.

For each customer separate tubs are provided that contain about 100 tiny fish. These fish are tooth-less so they just nibble on your dead skin and do not tear your skin.

If you are at a good salon then your feet are first cleaned and sanitized then you can dip them into a clean and disinfected tank which is to be cleaned after each session. The fish eat only dead skin giving you a tickling and relaxing feeling.

After the fish are done, your feet are cleaned and pedicured as usual. These pedicures remind me of the hot and rude Wilhelmina Slater of Ugly Betty 😀


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The Pros

  • As the fish eat only dead skin, there is usually no worry of getting hurt. The customers can see difference in only one sitting.
  • The feeling of the fish nibbling your skin is pleasant and relaxing.
  • Fish spa is said to stimulate blood circulation, remove bacteria and reduce foot odour.
  • It can also help in healing athlete’s foot.
  • These fish can also stimulate acupuncture points which helps in regulating the nervous system.
  • This fish spa will give you clean and soft feet you always wanted.

The Cons

  • There are many health scares associated with fish pedicures. The simplest problem is of proper sanitization of tank after each use.
  • The bigger problem is of using the same fish for each customer. The fish cannot be sanitized like files and pumice-stones. So the situation is somewhat similar to using the same towel for every face. This may cause the spreading of various skin-infections and serious problems like hepatitis and AIDS.
  • Even though the fish have no teeth but still sometimes they can rupture your skin.
  • Fish pedicures are banned in some countries due to many health risks associated with them.
  • Also on philanthropic grounds, the idea of keeping fish starved so that they ‘work’ well may not appeal to many.

The Final Word

Most important thing is to choose a trusted and well-known salon. In the interest of other people, you should not go for fish-spa if you have diabetes, open wounds or any other infectious health issue.

Also if you have got your legs waxed or shaved don’t go for a fish pedicure for at least 24 hours.

Good spas will not allow if one has some foot-infection or open-wounds but they cannot know any other health problem so it is left to your discretion whether you want to go for it or not.

Ha you experienced the fish pedicure?

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  1. I have never had the fish pedicure done.. So many fishes gross me out.. 🙁 After reading this, it is a complete NO.. Thanks for sharing Maitri 🙂

  2. Well ive always bin curious bt fish pedis…but somrhow neva went for one…but luking at d cons i think ill avoid them!

  3. Never attempted to try fish too scared to put my hand in my aquarium only..hehe.. but thanks for letting me know about its aspects :yes: :-*

  4. Everything has a pros n cons… once in a while is ok…….afterall it is for relaxation…. the niggling is awesome….so no worries…..

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