Pros & Cons Of At- Home Beauty Services


Pros & Cons Of At- Home Beauty Services

Beauty comes with a price and it is usually monetary price that you pay! Sometimes with cosmetic shopping while sometimes visiting a salon or spa to get some beauty services done!

Well, with so many beauty related launches right from skin care, hair care, styling makeup and body grooming it is practically avoidable if one can make sure to get all these things done at the comfort of their place. Well, one thing is for sure that with more and more people being conscious about beauty the status of beauty salons has evolved from being a general to being a specialized and seeks a targeted clientele to provide its services!

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Recently, many of you must have seen some online beauty appointment services being offered to clients. It is where a team of beauty experts can make a visit to the particular client. And give the required services at their own place of comfort which is to be briefed in advance!

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But yes there are some pros and some cons for each and we will get to have a look at both of the aspects!

Pros Of At-Home Beauty Services


If you are a full time mom and have not been to a salon just because there is no one who can take care of your little one while you are away for 2-3 hours, then this service is probably the best you could have asked. Getting the pampering done at your place without constantly worrying about your baby! How convenient!

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Even expecting women can avail these services as later in the last trimester they don’t feel like travelling or sitting at the same place for long hours!

Tight time schedule-

If you are a working woman and constantly juggle between your responsibilities at home or at office so whenever you get a little time, you just want to relax. Leaving all the worries about visiting the salon and getting stuck in traffic, get a home appointment.

Time Saving-

This specially comes easy at times of festivals when there is so much rush in salons. Also you feel that the salon expert is not able to devote the full time to you. It is hectic due to the large number of woman turning up in the salon. While at home you are exclusively heard and given the services! It saves a lot of time which might just go in waiting for long hours for your turn!

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Times of Emergency-

Usually if you have to be somewhere for a party and and your favorite salon is at a long distance, so you can ideally call up the salon. And arrange for an at-home beauty treatment. It will avoid the rush and traffic while coming from the salon and you can easily go all decked up from your place!

Cons of At- Home Beauty Services

Location Issue-

Sometimes, it happens that the location of the client’s place is such that a lot of time of the beauty experts gets wasted in searching for the address. It is not cool!

Lack of Equipment-

A salon is perfectly designed with proper lights and necessary equipment to ensure quick and efficient delivery of beauty services. And sometimes it is just not convenient for the beauty experts when they visit a client’s place!

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Too Much Disturbance-

If you are calling the salon experts at home make sure that you have the least disturbance. Avoid unnecessary distractions at your place so that they can peacefully do their job with least interruptions!

Messy Surrounding-

Even if you don’t admit but a messy surrounding is surely the least they beauty experts are expecting at home and although they do not expect your place to be salon-like but at least it should be organized so that they can easily perform the job!

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Bad Lighting-

If you calling for makeup services at home and at the end of it you don’t happen to like the look then it is not their fault because they tried to perform well in whatever light sources you had at your place, a salon makeup would certainly have been much easier to blame, in case it didn’t turn out that good!

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Well, these were some of the best pros and cons which I have seen and experienced till today! Honestly, its up to you as to which service you wish to avail and as long as you are satisfied, there is no issue! 🙂

Have you tried At-Home Beauty Services?

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