Protein and weight loss – How protein helps in losing weight.

By Shikha,
 I have been trying to lose weight from an year or so but even after going to the gym and taking control of my diet my weight refused to budge. I then consulted a dietitian and she told me about the importance of  a balanced protein based diet in weight loss.When trying to lose weight, our daily intake is important because it helps in maintaining a healthy metabolic rate.When we diet or cut calories or lose weight, our body switches and burns more of the protein or muscles cells .That is why we require adequate food along with sufficient calories .
My friend went on a weight loss diet but she also started losing hair. This was because of lack of protein in her diet.However, it doesn’t mean that a an excessive protein diet would be more beneficial to people who wish to lose weight.
Protein intake in general should not be higher than energy intake. This is because the energy needs of body will generally have priority. All foods contain some proteins like those of plant origin but they lack certain amino acids.Some amino acids are essential to health as they can not be produced by the body.
Good health can be maintained by including few items such as eggs, meat, fish, milk, cheese , poultry items atleast few times a week.If you are a vegetarian then include nuts, seeds, peas, beans and tofu in your diet.
Body requirement of proteins– It is said that we need about 0.75 gms of proteins per kg of body weight .Most people will find that they consume more than what is required and this is partly the reason why they do not lose weight. Further, those who are trying to lose weight should try to eat small meals(five to seven meals) throughout the day, instead of three big meals. However it is important to keep in mind that if you do not exercise and only cut down your calorie intake then you are not  going to lose weight by simply by adding protein to diet.Infact you might gain weight. So a balanced diet with appropriate physical activity is important to keep the weight under control.


  1. hair, nails and skin all these are affected because of lack of protein intake in our diet. so involve them and enjoy the good health jiya

  2. Ya i totally agree with Shikha. The main constituent of our skin, hair etc are proteins only so we must follow a balance diet+ small meals 5-7 times a day 🙂

  3. well i said, proteins are the building blocks of skin, hair etc so our diet should contain sufficient quantity of proteins+balance diet is always recomended..


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