Puffy eyes – reasons and top remedies

Hello everyone,
I’m Priyanka and the most dedicated (self proclaimed :P) reader of Wise She. I read it everyday and would love to share my own experience and knowledge about having puffy eyes – causes and remedies. All girls love to take care of their face, skin and want to look younger, fresher, better. However, many a times we forget to take care of our eyes, the skin underneath and that sometimes leads to a dreadful appearance (esp. with a perfectly clean face otherwise). Poorly maintained skin around the eyes can make you look older and even unhealthy.

Our eyes and the area around them is extremely delicate and should be cleaned very gently with a light touch. While removing makeup or applying creams, it should be treated with utmost care. Instead of heavy facial creams, one should only use the creams which are specifically formulated for the skin around the eyes and should always remember to take it off before sleeping. To remove makeup, use a cleansing gel with moist cotton.
Some people suffer with “Under eye bags” or chronic puffy eyes. It can be due to a multiple reasons –
  • Sometimes, they’re a hereditary problem and hence very difficult to cure
  • Unhealthy habits like smoking/alcohol can also aggravate this problem
  • Poor diet, i.e. insufficient nutrient intake and lack of sleep can be a possible reason
  • Sometimes, we neglect to remove eye makeup/creams from the skin around eyes before sleeping. This can lead to puffy eyes.
  • If it’s a chronic problem, please check with your doctor for kidney and sinuses. Often, it’s advised to reduce the salt consumption in these cases.

    Here are some simple home remedies for under eye bags –

    • Wash your eyes and the skin underneath with tepid water
    • There are a number of ingredients which can be applied below eyes to reduce puffiness –
      • Soak tea bags in hot water, allow them to cool and then use as eye pads
      • I also read that a mixture of witch hazel and rose water in equal quantities, applied with cotton helps in reducing puffiness.
      • Grated potatoes or potato juice is also said to have good effect on puffy eyes

    After applying either of these ingredients, lie down and relax for 10-15 minutes.

    • You can also apply cold milk or a compress of iced water over the closed eyelids and leave for 10-15 minutes.

    Thus, with some simple precautions and handy steps, you can take care of your eyes and under eyes and can stay and look young !

    Priyanka Mathur


    1. Puffy eyes are the result of our late night parties!!!!
      well i have also heard that Garnier under eye roll on (since containing caffine) cures under eye bags effectively.
      My recent post DELHI 6

    2. Sleeping flat on the back can also cause eye bags, because fluid beneath the eyes gets pool up.
      Lot of sodium in diet too leads to retaining of water which result in puffy eyes
      Food like banana and oatmeal helps in preventing under eye bags.

    3. sadly i am not fond of both….:(

      and i sleep on my back too…though i don have puffy eye problem but i do avoid lot of salt from my diet..

      MANNU ..how long will be yur holidays?

    4. While sleeping flat if we use an additional pillow it helps to elevate our head and allow drainage of fluid so we don't get puffy eyes.


      Which holidays sweetie???????


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