Pupa Milano Multiplay Triple purpose Eye pencil Review


Pupa Milano Multiplay Triple purpose pencil

What are the qualities for a great eye liner/eye pencil?

If you ask me , it should be water proof, long lasting without giving panda eyes, also can be used in water line  and  should be  possessing good pigmentation.

Finally I found such a pencil, Pupa Milano Multiplay pencil ..yeyeyeyye!

Pupa Milano eye pencil reviews


Pupa Milano is a famous Italian cosmetic company which also manufactures bath line products and fragrances. It is established in 1976.

I got the shade 09, which is dark black.

Since it is gifted to me I don’t know the exact price, but on searching, in strawberry.net, I found one, which after discount is 14$.


What company claims:-



Triple purpose eye pencil: versatile, very handy and perfect, glides on effortlessly.
Long lasting and waterproof, delivers amazing performance, for intense and captivating eyes.


I think its  one of the fabulous products I have with me in eyeliners and It is the darkest black eye liner I used till now. See the color in single swipe.


Swatches of Pupa Milano Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencil

 Pupa Milano Multiplay Triple purpose pencil swatches


It contains a smudger at back end, which is useful in creating Smokey looks.

  It contains a smudger at back end, which is useful in creating Smokey looks.


The tip is very soft and it glides like a dream. Almost like a gel liner. I can’t find another suitable word to describe.

Another plus point is, it can be used in water line and it stay around 8-10 hours without smudging(w/o using primer also). As an added merit it doesn’t stings at all.


Pupa Milano Multiplay Triple purpose pencil


For removing, it I use to wipe my eyes with olive oil and wash in Neutrogena gentle face wash. No trace will be remaining.

Well, what more I can ask from an eye liner pencil?

This is how it looks on my eyes (Pardon the dark circles) .(In water line I smudged it little)


Pupa Milano Multiplay Triple purpose pencil reviews


 What I liked about Pupa Milano Multiplay Triple purpose Eye pencil Review


  • A very true matte dark black color
  • Intense pigmentation
  • Very soft tip and no need of tugging. Smoothly glides on.
  • Can be used on water line also.
  • Comes along with an inbuilt smudger.
  • Will stay 8-10 hour without smudging and fading.
  • Available on a variety of color . (Information from website)


What I do not like about Pupa Milano Multiply Triple Purpose Eye Pencil


  • Not available in India. Even difficult to find online.
  • Price  little bit on expensive side. Around 700 INR n strawberry.net after discount. But for the quality of product they are offering, price is reasonable.
  • Being very soft, finishes fast.

Overall I am in total love with this product,

Will buy again? : If can get it  again I surely  would like to buy black and brown shade.

P.S:-If any one of you  find black or brown  pupa eye liner on any shopping site, please , please do inform me. In strawberry.net also I am not able to find these two colors.

 Rating – 5/5

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    • I got it from a friend in Australia..So i guess it is there also.But most of the good brands are unavailable in India unfortunately.


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