Pure Cuticle Oil Review

Am back . . . Now with a review of my favorite cuticle oil “Pure Cuticle Oil”. The only other I’ve used is the one by ELF which dried up so fast that am using it for pushing back cuticles :P. This is a part of the prize package I won in a nail art contest held by SimpleNailArtTips.com. I had already been contemplating about buying this one when I won it in the contest I had participated.
Pure cuticle oil review

I got the refill kit which has a 2ml cuticle oil pen and also a 15 ml bottle with a dropper to refill the pen when needed. The other options available are a starter kit with a 2 ml pen and also a 15 ml bottle. You can also get the cuticle pen alone too.

Ana Seidel of SimpleNailArtTips.com makes the “Pure Cuticle Oil” and markets it herself. You can find the recipe for the cuticle oil in her website if you like to make it yourself. This is what Ana suggests: Remove your polish and apply the cuticle oil all over your nail, cuticle, sidewalls and under your free edge of the nail and then massage it in up to your first knuckle. For the first three days keep applying frequently as you feel your nails absorbing the oil faster. You will get to a point where the oil is absorbed slow. This is when you can move to usual daily application.
nail cuticle oil review

I have really dry cuticles which I tried clipping and damaged it more.  I even tried applying olive oil for my cuticles which didnt work at all. It took loads of lotions and massaging it before I took pictures of my nail art for my blog, but often my cuticles look so bad.  I had learnt to accept it when I got this as a lifesaver. My cuticles look so much better now. It even reduced the yellow on my nails.

I had a very dry patch of skin on my right hand little finger at the joint which is stiff and doesn’t bend. The skin started turning black after the harsh US winter. After applying this I found that my skin is not dry anymore and the normal color is slowly returning . . . yaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!

Pros:Pure Cuticle Oil:-

1) Really hydrates your cuticles
2) Reduces the yellow stain on nails.
3) Free shipping all over US no minimum.

Cons:Pure Cuticle Oil :-


And finally!!! This is the Nail Art which won me the cuticle oil.

pure cuticle oil review after



  1. Pretty nail art. The difference after using this is quite visible. After this post, I was inspired to apply cuticle cream last night 😀


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