Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil


Pure Tea Tree essential oil

Tea Tree is also known as Melaleuca alternifoliais and is found in Australia. It is a natural healer and is known for its multiple qualities. It is anti-allergic, anti-septic, anti-bacterial and what not. It is just simply superb when it comes to the remedial part of its credentials. It is being used since ancient times for curing many diseases. I am going to bring about some of the benefits which affect us day to day and if we use this oil, we can definitely make use of nature in a natural way!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil


This oil is pretty good on open wounds, those otherwise take days, to heal. It is equally good as an antibiotic but is better than them because it is without any side effects. It is better than Savlon or Dettol as it does not make you cry in pain. It is just applied with ease and works wonder. Isn’t it better to be used on children then who keep on hurting themselves?


It is good to cure bacterial problems in stomach, intestines or urinary system. It cures them well and regular use of it can prevent these bacterial infections from happening again and again. This oil is also good with rashes and helps prevent itching to occur.


Some people are really sensitive and this seems to be a non-medicinal option for them. A must try!

Preventive for Bronchitis/asthmatic

This oil is also good for someone with asthma, cough or cold. If you feel you cannot breathe, a little drop of this oil can be used either rubbing it on the chest or on the pillow. It is also good for curing congestion.

Preventive for Muscular Pain/Sprains

This oil is also useful if you have muscular pains or sprains. The oil helps increase the blood flow and cures the sprains.

Hair care

colored hair care

This oil works wonders on someone with dandruff or hair loss. All you need to do is to dilute the oil and use it on your scalp. It provides healthy nourishment to skin by increasing the blood flow and thus gives you healthy hair.


Yes! This is an effective cleaner like we use to clean tables and furniture. If mixed with water, this oil in only 1-2 teaspoons can astonish you with its cleansing qualities. You can use it to clean your entire furniture like you use other cleaners.


This oil can be used as a room freshener to give your room a refreshing aroma. Imagine a tiring day and you return to a scented room filled with this fresh fragrance. Wow!

Also, it can also be used to freshen up your laundry. All you need is to add it alongside the detergent in your washing machine. This will lend a fresh smell and feel to your clothes.

Oral Care

It can also be used as a cure for bad breath! Really, if you mix it with water and use it to gargle by swishing it for a while, you will not only feel relieved of bad breath but also will feel fresh.

aromamagic blossom kochhar tea tree essential oil+Tea tree oil aromamagic

Wow! So many benefits of one oil. I see a lot of money being saved here! What do you think? Medicine for so many problems, cleaner, fragrance for room as well as clothes, and what not. I am amazed at this discovery of mine today. I am going to get this for myself today itself.

Have you tried tea tree essential oil before?

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