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YOGA, we all know about it and I don’t know of anyone who does not like yoga. Gone are the days when people had a mindset that only old aged people or sadhus practice yoga, infact yoga is the new “cool thing” of these days.

Yoga is far more than a mere set of exercises for a fit body, and to emphasize this, yoga has got yet another comprehensive term known as “PURNA YOGA”.


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“Purna” means “Complete” and together the words “Purna” & ”Yoga” mean “complete yoga”. Purna yoga can be further explained as the integration of the immense-ness of yoga into a set of tools for transformation and curing. It is about conversion from a limited individuality to a limitless Universal consciousness.
Purna yoga offers wisdom and techniques for the mating of mind and body with the soul. With the use of awareness and concentration it is about exploring our lower nature band realizing our divine self. The art of loving yourself & living with heart is “Purna Yoga”.

To practice Purna yoga one needs to learn three things basically:-


  • •Alignment based asana
  • •Pranayam
  • •Purna yoga Meditation

Alignment based Asana, is important as it improves your posture, increase the benefits of yoga poses and the same time aids in better balancing and focus.
Pranayam means extension of breath which helps in relieving stress, improved blood circulation, keeping us calm etc.
Purna Yoga Meditation is an active process. It utilizes few but powerful physical techniques, visualizations and imagination to make an extremely focused mind. It uses our inner energies. This focus is then borne onto the heart center (the doorway to the spirit/soul in the physical body) so as to connect with the divinity that is latent in each of us. This connection allows communication between the soul and the physical manifestation that we are, and this communication starts the process of meditation. Purna Yoga Meditation is not something of the head; it is a direct call to the soul.

Along with the above mentioned three steps it is also important to focus on nutrition and yogic philosophy in our day to day lifestyle.
Purna yoga is not anything new, it has got its roots grounded in the ancient period which stills prevails in the present and will rule the future too.
There are times when we feel lost, disappointed, stuck, and helpless or are in immense pain, our body tells us that we have lost the connection with our most important part.
We must use our breath, actions, thoughts and feelings to welcome our souls into our most important physical home “our body” and keep up our spirits.
Purna yoga teaches our mind, body and emotions to coordinate and be at home with our spirit.
So people do practice it and let us know how good you feel post practicing PURNA YOGA.


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