Purple Eyeliner For Blue Eyes – Suggestions


By Riti,

I have blue eyes therefore I tend to avoid most coloured eyeliner.I recently saw on youtube a lady using purple eyeliner .I think it is going to suit me .Please recommend me any brand which is easily available in India and has purple eyeliners.

Purple eyeliner for blue eyes

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  1. Seriously! You have blue eyes?? You are so lucky.. My eyes were blue when I was younger (till 10 yrs) then they changed slowly into green-grey..

    Purple, you could try colorbar, lakme, maybelline – they all have nice purple liners.

    Just as a suggestion – try orange. I know it sounds outlandish – but deep, dark orange makes blue eyes appear even more blue 😀

      • You will not find orange eyeliner in Indian brands since it doesn’t go with black/brown eyes.. I’d suggest you try MUFE or MAC. Jordana also has one, but I am not sure if you have access to that 🙂

      • Actually Riti, Lakme glide on liners have a bronzy-orange shade called ‘warm copper’. It is gorgeous. You can try that out.

            • LOL Zara! It’s not such a boon.. I can’t wear a lot of eyeshadows & eyeliners coz they clash horribly with my eyes. Classic example is the black kajal – it makes my eyes look gothic & my skin super pale – like a vampire :P..

              Dark Blue also is not an option is it makes my eyes look very light grey, which is not very nice.. 🙁 I still wear it at times, but I know it looks weird 😛

              • Oh! That must be pretty irritating na? Not being able to use the colors u may like? Then which colors do u usually use?

                I hav actually always wanted grey eyes..They luk so pretty and kinda ethereal…

                • Purple! They make my eyes look very, very green.. :yes:
                  Also golden khaki shades, steel grey, bronze browns, coppery reds, blackish greens (mehndi color) – they all look good on grey green eyes. 🙂

                  I think I have some 2 black liners out of courtesey. You never know when you may need them, I once used them mixed with brown to create dark circles under my husband (then BF’s) eyes – he had missed a project deadline & I had to make him look sick. :secret:

  2. Chambor has a mauve purple eyeliner. Mac macro violet. Colorbar maybelline faces cosmetics and revlon all have purple liners. Even high end brands carry purple liners.

  3. I wud suggest Faces liner in Purple or Colorbar liner in Prunelle..These r the best Purples I’ve used…slides smoothly without and tugging :clap: :clap:

    • I have a Lakme one which is apurple shade in the 9 to 5 range…its is lovely and has a nice subtle shimmer…but it tugs a little..u can try it out at the counter and check it out.. :dance:

        • i do luv liners ya…i started wearing them i 12th and was hooked.. i hav only basic wali cheezein.. 🙁 🙁 btw, i found an Avon consultant..kuch chahiye?

            • oh some of them r really really gud…my mom was also a consultant when i was in school…i stopped buying wen i returned from Blore coz i cudnt find a consultant…otherwise alot of ther stuff is really gud…try karde….i like their stuff..

                • Definitely with their eyeliners..they have this range called Glimmersticks….thay have a secondry range calle Glimmersticks diamons which r super shimmery…these r sooooo gud..I had them when they had just comeout and had only the basic 3 shades…now they hav soooo many 🙂 🙂 m gona get them allll!!

                  Their NPs r also really nice range..they have a new matte range, then a neon range as well..they have gud shades for FM also..ul luv them..they r a Nail artist’s dream come true…try it out..

                    • LOL! You asked for it Anks..

                      I don’t know if it is a boon, as I sometimes have a tough time finding cosmetic colors that suit me; but it helps sometimes. I get mistaken for a firang very frequently. When I had gone to Agra to see the Taj, the guard kept asking me “Which Country?”; I replied “India”.. So she is like “No, no, this is India, which country are you from?” I replied “India”.. she thght I was crazy :P.. I finally spoke to her Hindi & she got it 😀

                    • lolz…i don mind being different for sure ..:D:D u once mentioned also na that u look different when u r standing in the crowd and catch attention easily 🙂

                  • Ohhh! Sorry for intruding, I have the glimmerstick in grey from Avon. My ex-boss got it for me (she also had eyes like mines & when she was getting it for herself, she got me one too. Yea, she’s a sweetheart! I love her!).. It is quite nice, & I liked it a lot 😀

                    • Hehe…all intrusions welcome Tans.. 🙂 🙂 i hope u dont mind me callin u that.. 🙂

                      Me too luv the glimmersticks..m gona get allll the remaining colors…i luv the shimmer in them..

                    • Tanz tell me one thing..i notice Aishwarya wearing lot of kajal and black eyeliner and she has green eyes..why it doesnt look good on yours?? just curious 🙂

                    • Anks I think it is becoz Ms. Rai is a lil darker than me (a shade or two), plus she is yellow (warm) toned, I have a lot of pink ruddiness in my skin. And my eyes are lighter than hers, I think. :D.. Complexion wise I’m a lil bit like how Kareena’s skin is w/o makeup…

                      I’m not exactly sure why, but black eyeliner looks harsh on me. I am able to carry off black clothes very well & I can also wear dark brown kajal easily. I was in Juhu MAC once & the manager Brazilia also recommended that I avoid black liner. I had gone to check out smoulder since I had heard so much about it, plus I had seen pics of Ash wearing it. She said you shd use Teddy or Prunella not Smoulder :)… I had Teddy, but lost it now :((

                      I avoid blue coz it makes my eyes look grey rather than green, but as a color it looks nice.

                    • this is quite a detail analysis and Tanz u r complexion is like a tube light yaar..:P In India it is such a great thing:P

  4. Today only Neeraj mentioned the RED liner from MUFE Aqua liner … i think you must try that if you are in Mumbai or else try colorbar liners i love them and Jade is super awesome color


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