Purple Rain Eye Makeup – Wise She Festive Eye Makeup Entry 2



Purple rain+ eyemakeup contest+ wiseshe


Hi Girls!
I’m back with another entry for the contest. All you lovely girls have really encouraged me to try my hand at eyemakeup and I’m eternally grateful to all of you without whom I’d probably never come out of my ‘Neutral eye’ shell 😉
Most of you know how much I love Purple…My room walls are purple, my purse is purple, I haave purple shoes…so its obvious that the color had to sneak its way into atleast 1 look right??? I’m a total novice at this so pls excuse any executionary mistakes 🙂 🙂
Purple rain+ eyemakeup+ wiseshe
Products used for the Purple Rain eyemakeup:
Purple rain+ festive eyemakeup+ wiseshe
MAC CCB in Hush (for highlighting and the inner corners)
Maybelline colossal Volume Mascara
Colorbar Eyeshadow in Lilac Dressing
Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow in a shimmery Teal (Sorry, I don’t recall the number and the sticker on the base has been scratched off)
Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow in 433P (Shimmery Olive)
Purple rain+ eyemakeup swatches+ wiseshe
How I came created the Purple Rain Look
Purple rain+ eyemakeup+ wiseshe contest
I first used MAC Nubile Paintpot all over my lid and then did my brows. I then began with the Colorbar Lilac eye shadow  in the inner half of my lid and the Inglot Teal shade in the outer half. I then used the Olive shade in the crease as well as in the outer corner for definition. I found that this sort of gave my eye a tiny greenish hue as well which looked pretty :)I then used MAC Hush to highlight the browbone and the followed with MAC Ash Violet to line my eyes. I made the line a bit thick and winged it out for a more dramatic effect. I used Ash Violet also in the waterline and outer half of th elower lashline. In the inner lashline, I used the Teal es lightly. I then finished off with 2 generous coats of mascara..
This look I found to be very subtle despite the usage of so many shimmery shades. It came off looking quite pearly and nice…Which is honestly hy I addes the thick wing…I felt it needed some more Oomph…What do you think? thin liner or thick?
Hope you all like this look as well which I created as part of the Nyx & Kryolan Makeup contest here on WiseShe!
Zara S. Kaisare
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  1. kahaa chupaa rakha tha ..Apna yeh hoonur ab tak…Zee! bahot secret secret horahi thi tum…

    Mind blowing look…ekdum festive.. i love the purply n olive combo.. aajao diwali pe mera mke up karne plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :-* :-* :hug-makeup: :chic: This is sooo chic n classy… :inlove: :lipstick: :beauty: :chic: :rose:

  2. speechless .. oye hello Zara Kaisare .. where is my Z .. she only likes nude es and kinky blushes .. and she’s really far away from pearly shimmery es .. who are yu wat did yu do to her ??

  3. Wow the way you used to check all neutral eyeshadows at Mac I thought you only used those eyeshadows aur yahan toh I see you with smokey eyes and festive colorful eyes… really really good Zara..n I really mean it

  4. Zee although you have used so many colours, each shade does show up..not muddy at all…awesome..i really loved the combo…its got all the peacocky shades :yes:

    • Thanx so much Mits.. M perennially worried bout the look getting muddy and yucky 😉 I wish I’d used more purple here tho.. 😉 how’s ur Sunday goin?

  5. Oh Z I will definitely buy yu kinky blushes .. But you only shy away from colors .. See they look do sexy on you !!!! Did you watch skyfall movie ???

    • No ya..migraine doesn’t allow me to… Noise na..tday m feelin a tiny bit better..so feelin kinda fresh 🙂 m scared that if I go fr. Movie then migraine will start again..hehe..


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