Q Tips : Some Hacks for Your Utility


Q Tips : Some Hacks for Your Utility

Hey Everyone,

Often it so happens that we are in a jiffy and we do not know what can be done. But knowing some useful hacks help at those points in time. Today, I am going to share some benefits of Q-tips which we can use and make our lives simpler. Do let me know about your thoughts on these tips once you use them.

  • To avoid a mess when applying false eye lashes

falsies hacks with cotton swab
Often it so happens that you are willing to apply your eye lashes but are unable to find a mess-free way to place them successfully. You can use a Q-tip to effectively paste the glue on the artificial eye lashes and paste them without messing up with the glue on your fingers.

falsies hacks with cotton q tip

  • To burst a pimple that has come to its head

pimple removal cotton swab hacks

Sometimes it so happens that you find a pimple on your face or anywhere and you have to go out. The pimple is about to burst and it is actually a situation where you need to go out and you cannot avoid it. What can be done here is using two Q-tips you could squeeze in the pimple from each side and make it burst. But for this always take a hot shower as it would make your skin soft and supple making the pimple to burst easily.

  • To hide your blemishes

blemish removal by using q tips

Take a Q-tip and dip it in your concealer and apply on your blemishes. This would help on blemishes by blending and merging them to hide.

  • To clean your lip color smudges

skin brightening with cotton swab

I am sure you also experience some bit of smudging when you apply a bold lip color specially a matte one around your lips. For this, it is advised to use a concealer using Q-tip to outline your lips. This will not only give you clear lips but would also ensure a prominent look to highlight your lips. Just blend the concealer around your lips and see the difference.

skin lightening with cotton swab

  • To hide your grays when you need to dash out urgently

eyeshadow cotton swabs

This might seem familiar to you for sure. You are about to move out and you find that your grey hair show up while you comb. No worries, there is an easy hack here. Gently swipe a Q- tip over an eye shadow that matches your hair color and swipe through your hair. You are done!

gray hair removal with qtips

  • To fill in scarce eyebrows

cleanup excess nail polish

This is another useful hack to fill in your scant eyebrows.

  • To clean up the eye liner

eyeliner correction with cotton swabs
Q-tip can also be used to clean any smudge of eye liner which may happen while applying it in a hurry or it keeps on happening with people who are new to applying eye liner.

  • To give volume to your eye lashes

fuler lashes with qtips
You can plump your eye lashes using translucent powder with a Q-tip over your lashes before applying mascara it would make them appear fuller and beautiful.

  • Clean your extra mascara using Q-tip

mascara cleanup with cotton swabs
You can also clean up the excessive mascara using Q-tip.

  • Use Q-tip to apply eye shadow

eye shadow applictaion with qtip
You can use Q-tip to apply your eye shadow if you miss to carry your brush or somehow cannot use it for any reason. It is a time consuming process to apply the same but it would come out good.

  • To correct eye makeup

cotton swabs eye brow filling
This can be used to correct any mistake that may happen while doing the eye makeup to correct the same. But only use Q-tips when you do not have your brushes but u can definitely use them to correct any kind if mistakes during eye makeup

  • To brighten your eye makeup

highlighting with cotton swabs
You can use a Q-tip to apply shimmery eye shadow on the inner corner it would shine your makeup giving it a nice blend.

  • To carry your perfume

perfume sticks with qtips
Spray the ends of Q-tips with your favorite perfume and keep them in a sealed pack. You can use them whenever you feel like refurbishing your fragrance.

  • To highlight your brow bone area

browbone highlight with cotton swab

Q-tips can be used to highlight your brow bone area using the same eye shadow like you used. To clean your nail paint using a nail polish remover. You can use a Q-tip to remove nail paint by pouring the nail remover in the cap of the bottle and use it.

  • To fix a stuck Zipper

zip with cotton swab hack
This is a wonderful hack as it happens at such odd timings that you do not see any solution. If you get stuck with a bad zipper, just dab some powder using Q-tip over the zipper and you will see a smooth run.

  • To treat puffy eyes

cotton swab under eye cream hack
Put two Q-tips in eye cream and put them in a zip lock pack and keep them in freezer. Use them in the morning to apply on your puffy eyes and you will be surprised.

cotton swab healthy eye hack

  • To Sharpen cat eye makeup

This can also be very interesting and easy for people who are not fluent with eye makeup specifically. You can sharpen your cat eye look using the Q-tips.

  • To remove excess nail polish

cleanup excess nail polish
You can use Q-tips to cleanse your excess nail polish to get perfect set of painted nails.

  • To remove any makeup mistake

black lipstick tutorial baseQ-tips come in handy to remove not only the eye makeup or lip makeup but any kind of makeup that has gone wrong or needs to be removed. There are many more uses of Q-tips and if you so want that I should share them, please do share your love below using comments and likes.



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