QUCO Hair Perfume Spray Review


QUCO Hair Perfume Spray Review 

I have been always conscious  of how my hair smells especially when I was out shopping in Delhi’s heat or when playing any sports.I spotted this hair perfume on snapittoday.com and I was sold for it.I wanted to  experience nice smelling hair and feel different 😉

Quco Hair Perfume Price – I got it of INR 250 at 4% discount though it cost 250 for 150ml

QUCO hair perfume reviews+Hair perfume reviews+QUCO product reviews

  • How To Use Hair Spray – Shake well before use, hold can upright and spray 15cm from hair for best effect.
  • Packaging – It has normal hair spray packaging .
  • Ingredients :-Propellant, Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol, Hexamathyl Disiloxane, Perfume

QUCO hair perfume price+QUCO hair perfume +Hair perfume

My experience with Quco Hair Perfume Spray

Initially I had my inhibitions while using the hair spray.I thought it might make them greasy and I will have to use wash my hair the very next day when I use it .Also, I was worried if it will make my hair dry  but thankfully both these  inhibitions were solved after 2-3 usage.It never dried out my hair neither made me feel greasy.

Coming to the fragrance it has strong flowery fragrance therefore it is advisable to keep it away from your hair for atleast a feet otherwise you will have to bear with its  strong fragrance for a minute or two 😀

Staying power of the fragrance is 4-5 hours easily if your hair is not sweaty.If this product wouldn’t have good staying power then I don’t think it would have been of good use because  even a shampoo fragrance stays for one hour atleast or atleast makes me feel fresh.

QUCO hair perfume reviews +Hair perfume reviews+Hair product reviews

It’s very light on the hair although I wish it would have added some shine to my hair which it doesn’t 🙁

What I liked about QUCO Hair Perfume Spray 

  • No stickiness, greasy feeling or heaviness  on hair
  • 150 ml  of product lasts long.
  • Light weight and good staying power
  • Nice flowery fragrance.
What I do not like about QUCO hair perfume
  • As a hair perfume I don’t find any cons in it although I wish it would have added some shine to my hair .
Will I recommend it to others – Definitely, Especially if you are a college girl  or stay outdoor most of the time and are conscious about your hair.Every sports person should also try it out.
Will I Re-Purchase it again – Yes, but in another fragrance I don’t like flower fragrance much especially if they are strong.
  • Overall – 4/5
  • Packaging – 3.5/5
  • Fragrance –3.5/5
  • Price Vs Quality- 3.5/5
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  1. hmm sounds nice, but the TV ad is quite cheesy. BTW I saw Desi Boys on Saturday, loved Deepika’s and Chitrangada’s makeup. Please do a tute on that. And yes, Deepika’s brown boots are to die for… Am on a hunt for those….


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