Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Face,Hand and Body Lotion Review


Hello ladies,

With the onset of winters, I thought reviewing over this specific product is extremely crucial. Because this is one product I have been depending over the years. I know its quite sometime now that I have written any article on wiseshe. But hey, My favourite season has arrived. I love winters and I love wiseshe.. So it’s the right time to start! Wowww, what a co incidence both starts with “W”…lol ..if that make any sense to you 😛 Anway, yes I was talking about QUEEN HELENE COCOA FACE, HAND AND BODY LOTION.

This brand Queen helene has been there in US market for over 80 years and has been a renowned brand for the skincare range. Here is what they have to say

“For over 75 years, our commitment to excellence has made our Mint Julep Facial Masque the #1 facial masque and Batherapy® the #1 bath salts brand in America*. Our lotion line is among the leaders in the hand & body category and we are proud to continue our dedication to providing the most effective beauty products your body needs, from head to toe.”

That was a little something about them, if you haven’t heard of them. Whenever my Aunt comes down from US she makes sure that she gets atleast 2-3 huge bottles of this lotion. Because, My mom my sister and me, All 3 of us use it, so she thinks this will get over soon if she just gets one. But let me tell you a bottle runs a year as  there is so much of quantity inside. Even with daily use its difficult to finish.


hot cocoa body lotion reviews+queen helen cocoa body lotion reviews


About Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Face,Hand and Body Lotion:-

cocoa body lotion reviews+hOT COCOA BODY LOTION


  • Price – $4.29 for 32 oz
  • Ingredients –

Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Face,Hand and Body Lotion ingredients


  • Packaging – It has a very sturdy and tough packaging. Its slightly heavy to carry and not travel friendly, One needs to get some amount of lotion in a small container if they want to take it along in their bag, the amount of lotion the bottle carries is amazing. The bottle is too strong and cannot be easily broken. It has a flip flop cover which makes it easier and hygienic to get the lotion out.


The consistency is not too thick not too watery


Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Face reviews


My Experience with Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Face,Hand and Body Lotion:-


I think this is the only moisturising lotion/crème that I Use on my face because I don’t know what kinda skin I have. No matter what moisturiser I use, I always break out! And that’s the only reason I avoid moisturisers. But lately or maybe due to a lot of experiments on my skin, the under eye area of my skin has become too dry as well as I noticed fine lines below the eye area. And that’s when I immediately jumped to this lotion and started using it everyday. It’s a miracle product to my skin, my skin seems to love it! Its not thick at all and absorbs like a dream. Neither it has a sticky feeling to it nor is the fragrance over powering. This lotion just gets the job done, I’ll say. It helps in clearing light to medium blemishes on skin. Makes skin smooth and soft and also great for women with stretch marks. My aunt used this one post pregnancy and she couldn’t stop raving about it to my mum. It is also good for hand and feet and overall body use, apply this lotion to your feet and wear socks and sleep in the morning all you will get is HAPPY SOFT Feet!  I even used this under my make up for a better foundation application and smooth skin. The only drawback is its available in US and you can’t find it here, probably u can ask ur friends, relatives etc to get this if they happen to come here. OR might me u’ll find this at shops that sell imported products nearby your area.’

What I like about Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Face Hand and body lotion –

  • A multi-purpose product
  • Makes facial skin smooth and soft
  • Clears blemishes and makes skin clear
  • Great as a hand, body lotion
  • Makes feet soft if applied regularly in the night
  • Can be used under make up
  • Not too thick, absorbs easily
  • Helps in clearing stretch marks as well as crow’s feet & finelines
  • Great price for the quantity
  • One bottle goes a long way
  • Will suit all skintypes
  • Didn’t breakout my skin.

What I dislike about Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Face Hand and body lotion –

  • Not available in India
  • Not travel friendly as it’s a huge heavy bottle.

Will I recommend Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Face Hand and body lotion-

Absolutely! Just get one bottle and see, U will know what I am talking about! I have been using this over the years.. Its my staple! 🙂

Rating – 4.5/5

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  1. ummm lol i never get the same product again 😀 and i wonder how you even manage to finish off something like this :rotfl: i tend to get bored of a product and hate it if it doesn’t get finished soon lmao :evilgrin:

    • hehhhee the thing is I dont get it….i just get it from my aunt free mein…n free ka maal is always welcome naa shale…….. 😛

  2. Rickyyyy! Good to have u back :hug-makeup: Wow…what a humungous bottle! 😯 Glad that it works so well. Cocoa butter is surely awesome wid stretch marks :yes:

  3. Wowiee! This is like. Lifetime supply of lotion! Inna bada dabba??? I’ve heard so many gud things bout this brand ric… Especially their masks.. I want!

  4. I have the same one in creme form- a tub ! It refuses to get over ! I use it as makeup remover and sometimes in a homemade face mask i make. Its great on arms and legs but i don’t like it on face.too slick for face.


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