Quick 11 Hair Hacks To Get Through Your Bad Hair Day


By Ankita Saroj

Quick 11 Hair Hacks To Get Through Your Bad Hair  Day

Hey Everyone! Whats going on! The weather is really acting crazy and I have given up on my hair! I literally don’t feel like washing your hair. Because it tends to go back to being flat & lifeless. However, if you are having an exceptionally bad hair day, here are some hair hacks to sort you out! Check out Quick 11 Hair Hacks To Get Through Your Bad Hair Day

hair hacks popular not to wash hair

  1. Use dry shampoo-

If you have oily hair, a dry shampoo will instantly absorb that oil and add volume to your hair. Also, it is often the case that freshly washed mane is difficult to tame! In such situations, dry shampoo is your best friend. It will instantly add some volume to your hair and give it that extra oomph!

2. Do a messy bun-

Hair feels messy and you feel lazy to do any sophisticated hairstyle? Just tie your hair up in a messy bun. It will take under 5 seconds and will look nice. People will probably just think you intended it to be that way and that you are being effortless and boho!

head scarf

3. Do a slick ponytail-

Grab some hairspray and get to work. Slick your hair back like Kim K and tie it into a nice ponytail. You can never go wrong with a simple ponytail and it’s not time-consuming too!

4. Leave it messier, use some hairspray-

Using some hairspray, add some texture and volume to your hair and comb it through. Leave it untied if it looks good and voluminous, else tie it up and it will still have that extra volume and style!

5. Change your part-

Often times, we get so accustomed to seeing ourselves in the same parting we have always sported. Having an exceptionally bad hair day? Just change the part, you will notice an instant boost of volume and look so different in the mirror!

6. Braid it up-

If you have some time to spare to fix your bad hair day, try braiding it up. Create any braid you like and it will contain all the messiness and frizz. If you want to go an extra step, then do a braid bun. Simply tie the braids into a bun and you will look so stylish!

Messy Braids Hair tutorial fotd

7. Pin it up-

If you have some bobby pins, snap clips around, you can virtually fix any hair problem.

8. Wrap your hair-

Nothing else seems to work? Then grab a headwrap or a hairband and put it on. It instantly gives a classy look and you will forget that you were having a bad hair day! Get ready to blush for the compliments that will come your way!

9. Live-on!

Just have your livon serum do all the work. As it says on their website, Livon Serum is a hair essential for damage protection. It controls frizz, eases out tangles and reduces breakage to give you silky, shiny hair. It is designed to be so lightweight that you don’t feel it at all once applied. This mildly fragrant serum also has Vitamin E which nourishes the hair.

10. Dry hair?

Grab the tiniest amount of hair oil and slightly massage it into your roots. It will instantly look glossier and feel conditioned. Usually argan, coconut and jojoba oils work the best.

11. Tame those flyaways, cowlicks and baby hair.

Use a spoolie or an old, clean toothbrush, coat it in some hairspray or petroleum jelly and apply it wherever you see a problem. It will be like a magical, hair problem eraser.



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