Quick and easy Pasta mayonnaise salad with pictures and video


This salad is for those who do not like to eat vegetables.I specially make this salad for my husband as this way at least he eats some fresh vegetables.Also all momies who wants to make their kids eat salads then this recipe can easily help you out.

You will find kids asking for more and adults asking to make it every now and then.

Here goes the recipe

Serve-3-4 adults
Cooking and preparation-15-20 minutes(Includes chopping time as well)


1 cup boiled pasta
1 chopped cucumber
2 chopped tomatoes
2 chopped onion
1 yellow , green , red bell pepper(I didn’t use it as it was not available at home)
Water to boil the pasta.

For the dressing

1tbsp. Mayonnaise(You can increase the quantity if you want)
1tbsp. white vinegar(You can use 1 lemon juice instead of vinegar)
salt and pepper to taste dressing
2tsp of sugar(If kids at home then you can increase the sugar quantity)

Method and preparation:-

Step1-Take a pan and add 3 cups of water in it.When water is boiled add 1/2tsp salt and 1tsp oil(any cooking oil) and pasta in it.

Step2-Let the pasta get boiled which takes around 8-10 minutes.You can see the pasta boiling instruction on the pasta packet as well and you can use macaroni or any other pasta of your choice.

Step3-Filter the pasta with the help of a sieve.

Step4-Take a bowl and add all the chopped vegetables and pasta in it.

Step5-Add all the above dressing and mix it nicely.

Keep it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes and serve chilled.

Enjoy the delicious pasta as a brunch or with your lunch and dinner.

You can see the recipe video below

P.S-You can increase or decrease the quantity of any ingredient according to your taste and choice.

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