Quick and easy steps of make up


Make up is a challenging act and an art too. Like an artist one must know what they want in the end. Everyone have their own taste in makeup. Some prefer shimmer, dark and glossy look and on the other hand some prefer light and natural look. It’s not a difficult job to do make up all you need is an intelligent mind for it. One should know what is the best feature of their face is so that it can be enhanced and what feature has to be hidden so that it can be lowered down.

Procedure of the makeup should be as follows:-

1.Foundation followed by an under eye concealer if required.



4.Eye make up

5.Lip Make up

One must follow the cleansing, toning and moisturizing before starting the makeup. Apply moisturizer immediately after taking bath so that it gets absorbed easily. Especially people with dry skin must do this.


Concealer and Foundation-Before foundation a lighter shade concealer should be applied to hide away blemished and under eye circles .With the help of a sponge or finger tips it can be blended. You can also apply under eye cream so that concealer doesn’t form a cake under your eye. Then apply foundation on your face in dot forms. Blend it with a sponge or with your finger tip. To know about foundation more you can check here.

Powder-Powder is applied for that flawless look and lowers down any shiny area which might have occurred due to make up. Shake off the excess powder before applying it. Also apply foundation and powder on your neck as well otherwise it shows a huge contrast on their face and neck.

Eye shadow-Eye lid color should be the darkest and is the most prominent color .This color is blended up towards the brows. Light color enhances the brows and make eyes look wider. Three four colors can be used provided they are blended well. One most important thing while choosing eye shadow color is that pale tone always emphasize while deep colors define the eye. After the eye shadow eye liner and mascara should be applied.

Blush on-To identify the apples of your cheeks just smile .Apply the blusher to the apples and below if you like. You can blend it up if it appears to dark to you.

Lipstick-Outline your lips with a lip liner. Make sure you have a sharpened lip liner. Start from the center of your upper lip towards the corner of the mouth. For the lower lip work from side to the other side. Excess color from the lip can be removed by placing a tissue between your lips. Finish it with a sparkling look by applying lip gloss.

If you want to give touch up to your make up again then use face powder that too with a brush.



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