Quick Beauty Tips For Busy Working Women


Quick Beauty Tips For Busy Working Women

Working women are the most respected part of society which is evolving out of its age old customs of making women stay behind the curtains. But certainly it does take a toll on their beauty regime which goes for a toss because of lack of time with them to maintain themselves. I am myself working and I know how much I struggle between home and work and the very thought of grooming myself within the week does not even ponder near me!


But today I am going to share a few quick tips that could help you and me work quickly towards grooming ourselves and making life simpler for us. With kids, home and office all together, one can only imagine the plight of a woman who has not even got 5 minutes to stand before the mirror.

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Let’s begin with the eyes. If you find puffy eyes due to lack of sleep, the most common problem we have, then don’t worry. Apply your concealer in triangular way under your eye than to dab it under your eye. Now apply some translucent powder to help it blend even better and hide the puffiness. This would take bare minimum 5 minutes and I am sure we can spare this much for ourselves!

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Lips are the most noticeable feature beyond eyes for a woman. If you are not putting on makeup someday, just put on a nice lipstick and you are not looked upon as an alien. But if you want to save your day this way and keep the lipstick on for longer hours than to replenish it every now and then, use this trick while applying it the first time during the day.

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After putting on your lipstick, hold a tissue on your lips and apply some powder sprinkling it over your lips on the tissue. Now remove the tissue and you are ready without having to worry about your lipstick being faded away.

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Hair is the biggest problem if you have long or curly hair which need more time to be properly set for the day. If you are washing your hair and combing it in office, I am sure you are fighting hard for time. But believe me it is possible to dress up in shorter time and be stylish like you can be or you used to be before

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Ensure that your hair are clean all the time, even if it means you need to wash your hair in the night after doing all your daily chores. Once done, the next day gets simpler as the hair are easy to manage. Always, use a comb which suits your hair strength and does not stick to your hair or entangle them further.

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You can go for some hairstyles which are not really styles but are solutions to tie your hair in the simplest and quicker manner and yet look stylish. For example, a messy bun, this only needs a few bobby pins to be done and the messier the better.

For your skin, always keep a moisturizing regime for the night time when you are free for 5-10 minutes. Always clean your face and hands and moisturize to keep it ready for the next day. While sleeping, the skin breathes the most and this is the time to nourish it as well.

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I hope these suggestions help you in looking pretty even when you lag time!

Have you tried any of these above tips?

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