Quick diet tips for those who do not follow diet plans

Weight loss and simple diet tips are few frequent things which we all love to know .The moment I see some known one who has lost weight  I quickly ask them how they did it.We all want to know about fast weight loss diet tips.Very few among us will ask for exercise tips.If you do then Bingo!!! You surely will lose weight and you do not need to read ahead as you know it all:)

Coming back to the topic .We all know dieting is difficult but the best thing is diet tips are not difficult to follow. There was a time when I could eat one cooker rice.Do you believe it ? Please do(Not the very big size cooker but the medium one:P).I was around15-16 year old and I had a big appetite but now my food requirement is just half of what I use to eat before.
Just by following few simple healthy diet tips one can bring lot of change in their life.Here goes few easy diet tips and (not diet plan) which can make you lose weight.
1.If you are fond of buying cook books like me then purchase few low calorie cook books.The moment I  open the cook book the feeling of eating healthy food gets imbibed in me  and I do not wish to make pizza or burgers.
2.Never cut any high calorie food from your diet .It just make you crave for it more,  instead replace the food with a low fat healthy alternative .Like I am fond of cheese but I know it is fattening therefore I have it once in fifteen days that too not in pizza but on my brown bread.This way I don’t miss cheese much and neither I feel sad that I have banned it altogether.
3.Always read the food labels as in long run it always pays .You will find some healthy low fat surprises.
4.Well this you must have heard lot many times.CHOOSE LOW FAT ITEMS WHEN SHOPPING.I know the idea sounds easy but it is so often over looked by us.This too can be substituted.How?I love Maggi but I never buy 4 in 1 pack .I prefer buying one atta (wheat flour) Maggi and one all purpose flour(maida) one.I do not visit the bakery corner at all in the food stores.I just take some biscuits and move on.
5.Making a food shopping list is an amazing way to stick to diet .This way one can avoid high fat snacks or treat.
6.My husband is under weight and I always have to maintain my weight but still I involve him with healthy low fat food .I give him more nuts and other healthy stuff  too in which I take a bite and let him eat all.I have managed to do this by now.If we make some sweet dish he knows he is the one who is going to finish it all .I will probably take one or two bite and be happy about it.
7Above changes comes gradually and one has to work on them without feeling deprived.Trust me they always work.If I can adopt an healthy life style even you can.
So say with me “Yes I can adapt healthy life style”
Best of luck for your fitness
Your neighbour friend

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