Quick Morning Makeup Hacks


Quick Morning Makeup Hacks

Mornings have always been a lost cause for me! I have no idea of how so many working women manage to get up, prepare themselves for the whole day of work and along with that manage to look great at such an early time of the day!

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Well, now that everything has changed for me, I find myself quite close to what I struggle through each morning as I get up!


So, basically we have to get up timely and immediately come out of the sleepy mode to brush, wash face, take a shower and get ready for office, college whatever!

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So, I thought why not share my one month old experience of this new morning routine I am practicing these days and will continue to do for the next 4-5 months (at least! 🙁 )


First things first! I always do my hair first and then I feel in the safe zone to do anything about my skin! If my hair is not done, I would completely panic and would end up messing my kohl or lip color! :-p For goo d hair days i.e. the two days after shampoo are heavenly and you just need to comb your hair and tuck few strands on either side or use a tick-tock pin to secure the front hair from coming into your eyes! You can leave you hair open or tie an elastic band as per your choice!

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For bad hair days, a dry shampoo comes to rescue and you can instantly lift your hair volume quickly!


With super early mornings, you have hardly 5-10  minutes to get ready and rush and so the idea is to basically skip some essential steps like priming or moisturizing skin!

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What you can do is take a skin serum product which suits your skin type and mix it along with your favorite foundation which has a good SPF value and apply it on the face in a circular motion leaving the brow area and the lips.! This will moisturize your face and also give the required coverage to give you a matte looking skin!

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A tinted lip balm is the best bet and I prefer it always over a lip color as there are chances that you may stain the lip color in hurry!

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You do not have time to apply body butter ( as for its winters!) so you can use moisturizers like Nivea Soft Moisturizer and apply it on your hands so that they do not end up looking alien to your body! :-p

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A hint of kohl which is long lasting and non-smudging is surely a great choice! Skip making any winged eye look in times of hurry although you can keep the eye pencil in your bag so that once you have reached your office and have enough time before work you can try enhancing your eye look! 🙂


I hope you like these quick morning makeup hacks for super busy early mornings! If you want to look perfect at that odd time of the day then make sure you do not hit the snooze button and get up a little bit early to religiously do your basic makeup for everyday!

Have you tried these early morning makeup hacks before?

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