Quick School Hairstyles You Must Know


Quick School Hairstyles You Must Know

I miss my high school life, my high school friends and everything about high school. School days were the best days of our life. Don’t you agree?

But getting ready for school at 6 am in the morning was some serious task. And the toughest job was getting my hair done. During my school days we were only allowed sleeked ponytails, middle parted two ponytails or braids. But time has changed, now school girls get chance to flaunt hairstyles of their choice.

So today we will be sharing a list of 10 Quick school hairstyles. Enjoy 🙂

Neat Pony tail

Neat Pony tail

Another simple and quick hairstyle, though a ponytail is no longer simple and no longer confined in the boundaries of a school It is one of the ruling hairstyles from streets to ramps. A ponytail can be sported in many ways. If your hair has become limp, tie a sleek pony. A sleek pony is your savior in time of hurry.

Front poof/puff ponytail

Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone was present during the unveiling of Stardust Magazine at Magna House, Prabhadevi, Mumbai. On 15/01/2014 PIC/SATYAJIT DESAI

Take the front portion of your hair and back brush to make a front poof. Now tie your hair into a simple pony tail. This has almost become the national hairstyle of India. Thanks to Deepika Padukone and her movie Cocktail.

Messy ponytail

Messy ponytail

Wear your luscious locks in a voluminous ponytail that oozes effortless sexiness and had a just-out-of-bed feel to it. The frizzy, imperfect pony will make you look perfect. Many celebrities are seen flaunting messy ponytails at various events.

Side pony

Side pony

Sleek side pony or side pony with waves, both are hits among fashionistas. Add a beautiful puff to it and the look is nothing short of a straight-out of the runway look.


Bangs look super cute on teenagers. Sport clean front bangs or edgy asymmetrical bangs (if you are allowed).

A simple band magic

Not only a hair band keeps hair away from face but also makes you look super cute. It is a school girl staple.

Half up half down

It is a go to hairstyle for many girls. Rush your hair, de-tangle. Take the front portion of your hair from above the ears, pull them in the middle and secure with pins. You are done.

Twisted crown

Twisted crown school hairstyle

Your chic saviour during morning rush. The steps are super simple. Make a centre parting, and gather the top section of hair from both the sides to your crown. Now start rolling the crowned hair to form a tight twist. Pin the ends of the twist and leave the rest of your hair loose.

Braided Pony

Braided Pony school hairstyle

The two of the most favourite hairstyles merged together.

Messy side braid

Messy side braid

Braids look super-chic. And if you make it the fishtail way and add some mess, you will look perfect. Also you can hide your elastic band by covering nicely with hair strand.

Milkmaid braid

Milkmaid braid for school

The breezy braided style is a beautiful alternative to a half up half down hairstyle. By braiding the section along the hairline, you’ll be able to keep your hair out your face, and then make a soft poof, pin the portion up and allow the rest of your hair some freedom of movement. Very chic.

Braided left open

Braided left open for school

One of the simplest and looks so beautiful on school girls. Middle part your hair and braid the front portion and pin it behind the ears. Leave the rest of your hair open. A little messy and very stylish.

So this is our list.

Which hairstyle would you prefer?

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  1. I remember doing pony and pony with puff for most of my school life! Open hair were not allowed, only pony or braids !

  2. Ya open not allowed in schools. In my school or you can all the schools here want us to braid and tie with a ribbon matching the uniform. So no choice here. 🙁 However teenagers can try this outside school. 😉


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