Quick Skincare Tips For Busy Holiday Season


Quick Skincare Tips For Busy Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us with Christmas & New Year on the way! While you are busy preparing for parties & family get together, the chilly weather, the fats & sugars & the late nights can take a toll on your skin. You might actually not have much time in your hands to take care of your skin properly.

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But do not worry! Simply follow a few simple skincare tips to keep your skin looking great during this busy season.

Remove Makeup At Night:

It is obvious for you to be tired & exhausted after a late night, but do not go to sleep without washing your face. Use a quality makeup remover to remove all the makeup & wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

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This will save you from clogging the pores & occurrence of any zits or breakouts the next day.

Moisturize Generously:

It is essential to keep your skin well hydrated at all times, but during this chilly weather, it becomes even more important. Trade your regular moisturizer for a more moisturizing one this season & rejuvenate your skin with tons of moisture.

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In addition to the basic hydration, your skin is bound to be left under make up for hours, so it is essential to layer it up with a moisturizer first. You may also try on some natural homemade face packs to get a radiant glow. And, make sure you carry some facial wipes which come handy at all times.

Pamper Your Eyes:

You are bound to be sleep deprived & tired during the holiday season which would easily reflect in your eyes. Your eyes might look tired & puffy with dark circles. Although try to get as much sleep as possible, but use of an eye cream is a must. A good under eye cream will increase brightness around the eye area & help you look bright eyed even after a late night. It helps in illuminating & hydrating the eye area & reduces dark circles and puffiness.


You may also put on cool cucumber slices or rose water on your eyes to relax them. Cucumbers have enzymes and astringent properties that reduce inflammation and address dark circles. Going further, you may even try an overnight sleep mask to infuse your skin with nutrients it needs.

Do Not Forget The Sunscreen:

Never step out of the house without a sunscreen. The harmful UV rays of the sun always follow you whether you are in a car or walking outside. We tend to ignore sunscreen during winters but this should not be the case.

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It is important to protect yourself from the sun at all times.

Love Your Lips:

While taking care of your skin, do not forget your lips! The dry weather impacts them & makes them dry & chapped. Make sure that you exfoliate your lips during the winter months and use a moisturizing lip balm to keep them hydrated.

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You can also use a simple sugar scrub at home to get rid of the dead skin cells.

Take Care of your hands!

Since our hands have to do all the work round the clock, we should protect them as well. They are bound to get dry & rough due to the exposure to cold weather & even cold water. Rejuvenate them with a gentle cleanser & a great moisturizer. Use a quality hand cream to keep them soft & healthy. In addition, make sure to keep your nails clean & well shaped as they can get brittle during this season.


Recharge your feet:

Our feet bear the brunt in all the hustle bustle while preparing for the holidays. Use a foot cream at night to keep them hydrated & wake up with soft & pretty feet!

Easy tips to pamper your feet & make them soft

Watch Your Intake:

Remember to drink plenty of water to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day Nothing takes away a healthy glow faster than dehydrated skin. Keep a check on sugary drinks, alcohol & junk food. Alcohol dehydrates your skin & can leave it dry & dull.


And most importantly, sit back, relax & enjoy yourself flaunting your happy & radiant skin!

So how are you going to prep up for the busy holiday?

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