New Product Launch-Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye


New Product Launch-Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye

Hello Peeps,

I have been MIA from WiseShe for long! The reason of getting back is my excitement which I could hold no longer 😀 . I recently got my hands on a new hair product - Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye.

Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye

Like the name is self explanatory, it works in 1 minute. How cool is that!

I have brown hair and I usually stick to color with shades of brown. Let me confess, most of the times the intent is to hide grays, not to color my hair 🙁  Off late, I have started picking gray strands and coloring only them. It is a tedious task but I don’t want my entire hair to turn gray because of so many chemicals. I already torture my hair by smoothening them every year 🙁

People who have the same gray hair issues like me, should use a dye instead of a color. A dye works only on gray hair strands and changes their color. On the other hand, hair color colors all hair, gray or normal hair.

Finally after a lot of research, I ordered Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye and here I have it! I got color – Medium Brown which is the lightest brown color available in this product.

Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye India Online

Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye contains collagen and extracts of aloe vera, olive oil and castor oil that helps in keeping the hair soft and smooth along with shine and lots of moisture. It has a scalp protecting agent to ward off common hair coloring problems like itching and irritation.

Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye Medium Brown

Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye Claims

Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye offers a long lasting and rich color that just needs 1 to 3 minutes to achieve the desired tone. The product has a soothing floral scent. The best part is that it does not contain Ammonia.

The product claims that the color will last for about 28 shampoo washes! Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye comes in 4 shades which are –

  • Natural brown
  • Natural black
  • Medium brown
  • Brown black


The kit has 2 creams. Cream 1 is a colorant cream and hair dye. Cream 2 is a Developer cream. The kit also contains a comb brush for dyeing the hair and plastic gloves.


Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye is available on the product Ekminutedye website and Amazon.

If you wish to buy Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Dye right now, go ahead! Else do wait for my review 😉 . I will use it over the coming weekend and let you know how it turned out 🙂 .

Till then, keep reading WiseShe!



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