Quick Tricks To Cure Skin Hangover


Quick Tricks To Cure Skin Hangover

Hello pretty girls!

Are you aware that your skin suffers from hangovers too? Whether it is the tired & puffy eyes or a dull & tired face or a simple pale look, these all indicate that your skin needs a break to rejuvenate! So, today let us take a look at some quick tricks which will help to detoxify your skin & bring back that lovely radiant glow! Take a look!


Splash Some Water On!

First & foremost, wash your face thoroughly to make your skin clean & fresh. Use a gentle cleanser to get rid of all the dust & dirt. This will help your skin to recharge & refresh!


In addition, you can also spray on some facial mist for instant freshness.


Rehydrate Yourself!

Drink ample water to rehydrate your skin. Once your skin is hydrated, you will yourself feel a lot better. In addition, it will help maintain the optimum moisture level in your skin & keep all the toxins away.


De-Gunk With A Scrub!

Exfoliate using a good scrub to remove the build up of dead skin cells & any excess dirt. Try not to use a very harsh scrub & massage your skin for a little while as you  scrub. This will help you get rid of the dull skin and reveal younger, brighter looking skin. Alternatively, you could also prepare natural homemade scrubs with ingredients like sugar, papaya, coffee, etc.



Moisturize your skin well. Pick a good moisturizer which suits your skin type & keeps it well hydrated.


Try A Serum!

Use a brightening or a radiance boosting serum! Serums are truly magic potions loaded with antioxidants. They keep the skin nourished & help improve the texture of your skin. In addition, they also maintain elasticity of the skin & possess anti-ageing properties as well.


Soothe Your Eyes:

Put some fresh Cucumber slices on your eyes to relax them.


If you have puffy eyes, then take cool chamomile tea bags & put them on your eyes for 10 minutes. This will help soothe your eyes & make you feel fresh.


Try A Hydrating Face Mask: You can also try a moisturizing face mask to rejuvenate your skin. Alternatively, sheet masks are also a good option as they are loaded with nutrients & boost the skin hydration. They also help in skin tightening & making the skin soft & supple.

Masker Aide Facial Sheet Mask

Cover With Makeup: You can always cover up with the help of makeup. Use a good concealer to hide the spots, blemishes & dark circles. Alternatively, you can also go for a brightening concealer to add some glow to your skin. In addition, you can also pick a shimmery bronzer to add definition to your facial features. And, even a good highlighter to prevent your skin from looking dull & tired.


Try DIY Home Remedies:

Natural home remedies work best to rejuvenate your skin. Oatmeal is one such ingredient which provides soothing benefits to the skin while keeping it moisturized.


Mint is another excellent product which soothes & recharges the skin. It also provides a cooling sensation & makes the tired skin fresh. Similarly, there are other ingredients like honey, Multani Mitti, milk cream & lavender which work wonders for dull & tired skin. You can either use these in a face scrub or as a face pack as well!


What do you do to cure skin hangover?

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