How are you all at wiseshe… Oh boy! how life has changed…As a new mother I really do want to share my experiences with you all.  I am doing so in bits and pieces and when time and my health permits it.  There are a few things that I want to share with all of you.  These are the things that I experienced during my pregnancy.  You know none of us are born with all of life’s wisdom and so when life throws oranges at us, its not always possible to make orange juice!
 10 things not to say to a pregnant women
Some people have an idea about what to expect during pregnancy and are quite, well,  lets call it bindaas with answers to their counterparts.  This is not the case with all of us.  I was purturbed with lots of issues/questions when I was expecting.  Pregnancy has all of our hormones in a twist and it is at this time that most women become very sensitive as well.  There is apprehension, fear of the future and unknown, weight issues, family pressures, health issues and mental stress as well.  For those of you who are experiencing motherhood and for those of you who are going to, I am giving you an idea of some of the silly things that people say and hopefully that will give you enough of time to plan an appropriate answer.

1. Oh my gosh you’ve gained alot of weight!!!

We all gain weight during pregnancy.Some weigh a little more than normal and some less so please it hurts when people talk about it and compare their weight with yours and also speak of the baby bump like it was a sack of cement we are carrying around. I am pregnant and weight is a sensitive issue.  Let’s not discuss this now!

2. Are you having twins?

A friend of mine was pregnant and had quite a big belly.  She was asked if she was having twins.  She was almost in tears, come on!  If she is having twins she will surely tell you.  It may seem like a simple statement but people do not realise, it hurts.

3. Oh! I hope you have a boy!

Now why in world would you say such a thing?  Are you aware of what I want?  Not all of us want boys and not all of us want to discriminate against the fairer sex.  I for one love girls more than boys and God has blessed me with my hearts desire.

4. Was your baby planned?

Now, this totally baffles me.  I don’t know why people ask this question and then wait for a detailed explaination.  Planned or not, it’s our baby and I found this question too personal!

5.You look so sick!

Gosh this is like the worst thing to hear at this time!!!

6. I was able to shed all my pregnancy weight in just 2 weeks.

For your kind information this is not a competition.  I’ve just given birth to a human being that needed to be in a cozy environment for 9 months!

7. How will you manage everything after the baby comes?

 Umm ya well, I am aware of the future and the responsibilities that lie ahead of me.  You pointing it out is not going to ease my burdens unless you are signing up to be my house maid!

8. Women sharing their worst labour experience!

It doesn’t matter what you went through and nor did I ask for a detailed description of it!  Not everyone can take anothers trauma and instead of it doing any good, it kinda makes you weaker and paranoid.  None of us need this at this time.
So well, there you go….some of the quirky things that people say to pregnant women…..It may make you laugh but it hurts many times……In the end all’s well that ends well !!!
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      • I had a tee that said – I am not fat I am pregnant .
        I could use one is reverse order now- I am not pregnant just fat. 🙁

        and nobody get me started on all things that annoyed me during pregnancy. On some days it was everything 😛

  1. U know gals sharing their delivery trauma is very very scary!! :ghost:
    and they seem to love doing this to frnds who havent had babies yet..its like they r trying to scare u off having babies! :cyclops:

  2. hhehe.. thnx for alerting us Ana.. some time ago i went to meet a frnd who just delivered a baby all d time i was with her she kept tellin me abt her experience and said it changes ur life completely u cant enjoy life .. so she totally scared me out…

  3. ahahaha…love the part about signing up to be ur house maid :rotfl: With prgenany hormones racing, it’s very easy to get all sensitive. Another silly n annoying ques is : can i touch ur belly? I mean…helloooo….no way! No prodding in sensitive areas pleeez :stop:

  4. such questions are so absurd 🙁
    A girl is meant to be taken care of… n a pregnant girl…. just meant for showers of love love n love 🙂

    How you doing A ?

  5. all so true and annoying.. and also unwanted advice in the form of what to eat, what to watch on tv etc…
    dont watch horror movies.. listen to religious songs…
    my sis doctor said “if you have morning sickness n all no need to stuff food down your throat. you can eat it in the later months. just eat what you can and keep down without throwing up”..
    hows the ANGEL :-* :rose:

  6. Haha! Every single point is so real n well put..this is exactly the kind of statements ppl mk n Icahn Neva understands random ppl talk bout weight durin pregnancy….those months shud b the time when weight issues r Neva discussed!!

  7. And I also agree about the boy baby thing…it’s so ridiculous… One of my friends had a hard time with her MIL… She was insisting that my friend keep naked baby boy pics in her room so it cud guarantee her havin a boy…. So irritating it was!!

  8. oopppssss…. i will remember not to ask such questions 😀
    but i wud never ask point 3 …
    thats so rediculous… if ppl wnt a boy then wo khud he paida kare huh :devil: :devil: :devil: …. its al god’s blessing whether a girl or a boy… :heart:

        • you know when i read point #3, pat came in my mind ” if its not a boy blame the guy” 😛 .. though that stmt offends, the society should know where to put the blame, esp on the gender of the baby..

          • i will seriously give a tagda jawaab if somebody ask me related to d baby gender :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff:
            hw cn we knw combine those sperms etc to get the boy 😀 😀 😀

              • yeah shreya… ppl r sick…
                u knw i have seen ppl “my duurrrrr k relative” dey use to give money to my lil bro nt to us…
                bt my parents are just opp.
                dey gv so much freedom to us… sometime i think my bro dnt get that attentaion love etc 😀 😀 hehehe…

                • Very sad to hear this yr .. but this is a norm..
                  On my dad’s side he has 3 bro and all of them had sons .. only my dad had 2 daughters .. and i have faced the same .. some relatives call us lakshmi of the house .. some gave my mom a trauma when they found out that she gave birth to gals .. and i keep my “duur ke relatives” very durr from me..

                  But you know the best part, now when they look for gals for their boys, they r facing tough times ‘coz of bad sex ratio ..

                  • hahahha…. well i shd nt say this… but this shd happen with the ppl who do partiality with girls… huh…. nw tell dem… go get a boy 😛 😛 [Sorryyyyyyyyyy to say dis 😀 ]

            • Its simple biology. 😀 if they want boys only , let them go get test tube babies.. no need to make them naturally… 😉 … imagine saying that to ppl ..
              Waise u married ?? I think we are starting another controversial discussion here ..

  9. Wow indeed some questions are just unacceptable ,Maybe they need to place themselves in the pregnant woman shoes, and ask their self those questions. Is this question necessary? is this going to help her of me? Should I feel comfortable if this question was asked to me? should I feel uncomfortable/hurt if they give me a comment like ….? I think some people have a lack of respect, commonsense and empathy

  10. Some people are really insensitive.. :sick:

    Islye i don ask much questions to preggy ladies.. i dono wat to talk to them.. I just congratulate n move on..

    I really dont wana JINX or hurt them with my stupidity! 😛

  11. I never thought people can be so insensitive :(, discussing weight with a pregnant lady is the most stupid thing I have ever heard! and point 3 is ridiculous! this bias?
    I can understand how u must have felt Ana! preggy or no preggy I would have given a tight ans to such questions!

  12. OH gosh ! are ppl that stupid to discuss wt with preg ladies ??? when der is a baby growing inside what do dey expect yu to look like?? anorexic swim suit models ??
    you know my frnd had light cold when she was preggie so her face had sunken in .. her MIL was so happy .. When i asked her the reason she told me that her inlaws think if the preggie lady looks ill, its a boy and if she looks all glowing and healthy its a gal.

    Now this is the part which sounds slightly offensive, so please forgive me ..
    I was 😯 to hear this but i wanted to grill her MIL and so i asked her what if its fraternal twins ?? will mommie look like alien ??? I’ll remember her MIL ‘s face for life .. :rotfl:

    Ana ur brave enough to face this and remain silent, ppl like me will have loads of trouble keeping shut, my mouth runs rough when ppl ask such things ..

  13. So hillarious !! God…and i have myself asked ‘you look so sick, take care of your self’ to my preggers friends…oops i feel like a baboon now.

  14. Actually i think some people are just trying to feel better by making you feel worst. It is the slight jealousy inside them that irks them to put up statements like this. Never mind ignoring them is best option. 🙂 For a mother whose best gift and support is coming from God itself why bother about mere humans. …. Nice post Ana 🙂

  15. lolz… good ones Ana.. so true.. each of us hav heard these quriky words atleast once in life!

    my hubby too gets paranoid whenever the doc asks us – “when r u planning to have a baby?”

    he comes home n complains.. “why do they keep asking it all the time! ” 😀

  16. so, was it a planned baby anamika? 😀
    I agree with you people are so insensitive at times; and the fact they do it unknowingly is what is all the more irritating!


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