QVS Compact Powder Brush & Colorbar Crackle Nail Polish Dissapointment


A small update of the products which I have reviewed long back but after 3-4 months of usage they have shown some unexpected result.I have been using QVS compact powder brush since long infact it was my second purchase but this time brush bristles just came out while washing it.It might be one of a case as the previous brush lasted for two years and I washed it like a maniac.

So if you are planning to purchase QVS brushes do check  out it’s handle and the bristles.This types of brushes strengthen my belief of investing in good quality/brand makeup brushes.



QVS Powder brush+QVS Compact powder brush



Colorbar Crackle Nail Polish


Another dissapointment is Colorbar Crackle Nail polish.This is one of the most expensive crackle nail paint I got and it’s of no use now .Paint is all  dried up and doesn’t give even application.I added bit of thinner also seperately but it doesn’t work.I also tried adding a base coat but no use whatsoever .A good waste of INR 500 and Irony is that Miss claire nail polish are still in good shape which are of INR 150 and were bought a month two before the Colorbar  Crackle.


colorbar crackle nail polish+ Colorbar Nail Lacquer Black Crackle 001


These are two of my recent dissapointment ? how about yours ?


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  1. The brush looks like a dog ate it! XD But yeah, Miss Claire zindabad! Even Cherimoya is a nice cheap alternative even if you can only buy it online. I’m glad I stayed away from Colorbar’s.

  2. Ha! Having seen some rave reviews, I was planing to buy this brush eventually. Even searched and found a New U here in Kolkata! Now I guess I should consider the Vega brushes only. At least they don’t come off like this!


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