QVS eyelash curler VS Audrey’s eyelash curler (Product review)

Good morning beauties, 
So after all the celebration its time to get back to something which we all are obsessed about and that is BEAUTY ::D:D.Sorry I couldn’t post my Karva chauth pics because at the end of the day I was too tired and hungry for all the camera work.Will try doing the eye makeup look again because that was something which I really would like to show you people too.

Eyelashcurler – I have long eyelashes and thanks to almond oil which I use to apply daily during my college days.Now they are really long and I have stopped using the oil because I fear that I may end up making pony tails of my eyelashes 😀 😀 if overuse it.
I swear by eyelash curlers they too really open up the eyes .Even if you are not fond of using mascara then use eyelash curler to enhance your eyes.
Few months back I got QVS eyelash curler .

Price of QVS eyelash curler is Rs 250 -300

(I don’t remember the exact price now )

    What I liked about the QVS eyelash curler –
1. This is extremely light weight so those who are new in using curler can try out this one as you won’t fear taking this near to your eyes.
2. Curls lashes from the middle and outer corner too.
3. It is rustproof .I have seen some of the inexpensive steel curlers getting rusty but this one doesn’t.

Audrey’s eyelash curler

This product claims to suits all eyes shapes and accentuate even the smallest lash to highlight your eyes.

Price of Audrey’s eyelash curler Rs – 125

What I like about the eyelash curler
1. Decently priced and curl middle lashes beautifully.
2. I have it since two months with me and there is no rust and it is in the same condition as before.

Best eyeslash curler ?

So both the products pretty much do they work perfectly but when I compare them I found this.
1. QVS curler is made for those who have thin and fragile eyelashes.Those who have long and thick eyelashes may not see much difference.It would be better to use Audrey’s eyelash curler if you have thick eyelashes .
2. QVS eyelash curler is light weight where as Audrey’s eyelash curler is quiet heavy in comparison to it.
3. As QVS is light weight and therefore it is easy to roll up the corner eyelashes with it.
4. Chances of QVS curler getting rusty is quiet less as compare to Audreys.
My  view – 
We Indian have pretty much thick and long eyelashes and therefore to see the best effect Audreys is a good choice.Still if some body has thin and fragile eyelashes then try QVS eyelash curler,  it will be easier to work with it.

Heather eyelash curler

– There are some  girls who even heat up the curler with a blow dryer and then use it to curl their eyelashes.I have thought of doing it many times but some how never muster up the courage to actually do it.Have you tried that ?

If yes then do share your experience
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  1. Hi Ankita….welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting and letting me know that you read my blog..

    If you massage you eyelashes with almond oil every day before going to bed they get thicker .but u got to be patient with the process.It takes time.

  2. Until recently I didn't like curling my lashes. But I realize how important it is. I use TBS curler. Its really nice.
    My recent post LOCCITANE en Provence hand cream review

  3. I got it from airport on lmy last visit to Delhi …I think they should be available in health and glow centers as well. will check them out.

  4. Ankita generally bumps are caused because of soap or a medicine reaction.if they are not paining you then you can use below remedy.

    1. scrub your leg thrice a week.

    make a paste of curd and besan and apply it on your legs.let it dry and wahs it off .

    3. apply cucumber juice.

    if they are itchy then soak your legs in a tub and add 2-3 tsp of baking powder in it.

    but if they are painful then visit a doctor.Also check out the hygiene of your office.it might be possible that the place where u r sitting whole day is not cleaned properly.

  5. Hmm, so hard to find affordable eye lash curlers here…great review anamika..i might try OVS i dont have very thick lashes 🙁

  6. they r scary initially but after practicing once or twice u wont find them scary… i never heard some one poking or harming their eyes with a curler ..

  7. Anamika!Howz your day? I didn't know that there was something like eyelash curler until I landed in this blogging world! 😉 I see most of your tutorials with the eyelash curler so I decided to buy one for myself from oriflame coz I wanted to first practice using it before I buy some high end brand eyelash curlers! Oriflame curler is priced at Rs.129 but as a consultant I got it for Rs.103! I just got it today so will start practice soon!

  8. Hi Uzma…….

    My day was fine …how is the oriflame curler?? 103 is a cool price and y didnt u tell me before that u r a oriflame consultant …I needed your help .

  9. Love all the recommendations and if I may add one more..The Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler is the best I have ever tried~! It is a 2 PC system that comes with a sturdy gold metal curler and a small heater base thingy that heats the pad in the curler, so the curl lasts…Gives a real natural look and REALLY makes my eyes POP and look 3 times as big and more awake.
    Love mine..I read reviews on Amazon..and got mine at Hotlashes.com


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