QVS Eyelash Glue Review


QVS false eyelash glue

This is my second purchase of QVS false eyelash glue albeit I do wish to try other companies false eyelashes glue  but I haven’t come across any:|

What QVS False eyelashes claims


The secret to false lashes is to make them look  as natural as possible.We suggest you curl your own lashes and apply a light coat of mascara so your own lashes and the false lashes mix easily.

Eye lash glue India

Price Rs – 90

  • To re apply adhesive Draw a fine line of glue along the base of the false lashes.Leave to dry until adhesive is tacky and apply as above.Do Not apply adhesive directly to eyelids.


QVS False eyelash glue review

  • It is little hard to take out the product from the glue as most of the time excess product comes out which spoils the look of the tube as well.
  • It is a tiny squeeze tube which can be used maximum of 10-12 times.
  • It dries up pretty fast which is quite an advantage but  often   leads to forming of clumps when I want  to re apply the adhesive.Taking off  the lashes is easy with the glue and the outcome is pretty natural.Glue sets up  easily and keeps the eyelashes set for a long time .
  • QVS fake eyelash glue doesn’t dry up for months so if you use falsies once in a blue moon then you can give this a try.

eyelash glue QVS Review

I applied  this on my favorite diamond ;)  ardell eyelashes on my yesterday purple EOTD and they stayed put till 5-6 hours easily.It does leaves the adhesive behind on my lashes which has to be removed off easily which might be a pain for few.


False eyelashes makeup


All in all it is a nice eyelash glue which I am going to use till I don’t get anything better soon 🙂

Wise She Rating – 3.5/5

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  1. I have never used falsies..M pretty curious about them though..I’ve always wondered how one manages to stick them so precisely on the lash line…does the removal hurt?

  2. hey… iv been lookin online n i have no clue from where i can buy this glue! 🙁 pls suggest me a link! i really need a good lash adhesive!


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