Ram Dev Divya Kanti Lep review


 What the product claims:-

* Divya Kanti Lep Instantaneously cures skin-disorders, viz. pimples, acne, wrinkles on face, loss of shining and luster, darkness, etc.
* Divya Kanti Lep Application of this paste absorbs all the complaints of the skin, as a result of which the skin again becomes healthy; the natural beauty of the face reappears; it also promotes splendor, shining and luster on the face.

Price = Rs 30 for 50 grams (manufactured by Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy)

Main Ingredients:

Seeds and leaves of Madayantika (Henna), Amra Gandhi Haridra (Amba Haldi), haridra (Turmeric), Manjishtha, Jati-phala, Shweta Chandana, Tagara (Sugandha Bala), Sphatika Bhasma, Khadira, Karpura, etc.

How to apply:-

Take one teaspoonful of Divya Kanti Lep powder, make a paste by adding either rose-water or un-boiled milk, then apply on the face, allow it to remain for 3 to 4 hours and wash the face with luke-warm water.

My Experience:-

    Add any toner or fresh milk in it to form a paste

Make a little light paste not too thick and not too light in consistency.

As per baba ramdev site it is help full in curing following skin disorders

  • It instantaneously cures skin disorders, as acne, pimples, Wrinkles on face, loss of shining, luster and darkness.
  • Applying this paste on face absorbs all the complaints of the skin, as a result of which the skin becomes healthy. The natural beauty of the face reappears.
  • It also promotes splendor, shining and luster on the face.
  • This is also used to treat first-degree burns for speedy healing.
  • This is used to shrink warts and lessen the painful effects of shingles.
  • The symptoms of psoriasis can be reduced with it regular usage.
  • This is also used to reduce ulcers and heartburn.
  • This has also shown good results in treating facial edema.
  • This also offers benefits for treating lockjaw and cold spores.
  • This has natural detoxifying powers that ease constipation and cleanse the bowel.
  • This is also known to benefit those suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
  • This also contains some anti-inflammatory fatty acids that alkalize digestive juices and prevent over acidity.
  • Its beneficial effects are in boosting T-lymphocyte cells that aid the immune system.
  • This increase the availability of oxygen to the skin and thereby aid synthesis and strength of the skin tissues.
  • This is widely used for cleansing the skin.
  • This also provides you with Vitamin E and collagen to maintain the skin’s elasticity and suppleness and keep the moisture within.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is used to heal skin wounds.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is used to heal burn.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is used on blisters.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is also helpful in healing insect bites.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is also helpful in healing rashes.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is also helpful in healing sores.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is also helpful in healing herpes.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is also helpful in healing Urticaria.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is also helpful in healing fungus.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is also helpful in healing vaginal infections.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is also helpful in healing allergic reactions.
  • Divya Kanti Lep when applied on dry skins to give them glowing effect.
  • Divya Kanti Lep helps in reducing acne.
  • Divya Kanti Lep helps to fight frostbite.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is also used to reduce rosacea.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is also used to reduce warts.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is also used to reduce wrinkles from aging.
  • Divya Kanti Lep is also used to reduce eczema.

Info source:

My Experience with the product

My skin is quiet acne prone and I suffer from this problem every now and then.This too is because of too much of make up application which blacks my pores no matter how much good quality product I use.Whenever  I suffer from those little monster after applying Divuya Kanti Lep my acne vanishes in just 2-3 days.

Cons of the product:-

*When I apply it on the acne a instant fresh feeling of camphor comes up.

*It doesn’t leave any blemishes or any acne scars.

* Evens out my skin tone.

*Though it is said that the pack is to be kept for 3-4 hours but I keep it for like 1 hour and it works for me.

*Price of the product is fantastic.

*I really like the camphor smell of the product.

*I don’t use the product regularly but those who have Vulgaris and serious skin disorder can use the product regularly.(As written on the product)

*It doesn’t make my feel dry or oily after using it.


*I find it difficult to remove the pack and I have to immediately clean my wash basin too other wise brown spot become difficult to remove.That is it.

Worth a Buy:- 

Ohh yes yes!! This is a must have.Especially if you are going for wedding use it once or twice before hand to avoid sudden acne. It works.

This product can be used on sensitive skin too and it will start showing result after applying  it once or twice.

Sensitive skin can surely try this product.Ingredients in the product won’t irritate skin at all.One of my friend who has super sensitive skin tried it and it worked for her.


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  1. hey, i just saw your blog…its very good..as far as pantanjli products are concern…i have used some of, but found totally useless…i have used its face wash, hair oil and some masks…after using these i have decided to never never use these damn products of baba…i don't know how is this divya kanti…i am happy that its works for you…haha

  2. I got this one from Delhi yaar but few days back i came to know about all these products available in Miya pur shop..will try to find out and let u know.

  3. @ Anushri- while coming back from Microsoft before punjab rasoi turn i saw one Ram dev ji shop ..it will be available there and if u get then do let me know too:Di brought this from Delhi as i was worried i might not get it here.

  4. Rentu try at these placesPatanjali ChikitshalyaOm Prakash Agarwal, 12/2Steelmade Industrial Estate,First Floor, Marol Maroshi Road,Andheri East, Mumbai, MH.Ph.-022-32954412, 9322268774 Mumbai,Andheri (E) Patanjali Chikitshalya31/33, Laxmi Plaza Ground,Laxmi Industries New Link RoadAndheri (W), Mumbai, MH.Ph. 022 26354926, 65002518/19,M. 09322328094 Mumbai,Andheri (W) Patanjali ChikitshalyaIshwar Dhan, 48/2311,Gandhi Nagar, Bandra, (East) Mumbai – 400051, MH.M.- 09892261817 Mumbai,Bandra Patanjali ChikitshalyaShop No-2 Anand Bhawan S.V.P. Road, Borivali (W )Mumbai-400103, MH.M-09819811471, 09820587077 Mumbai,Borivali (W) Patanjali ChikitshalyaArya Samaj, 1, Collectors ColonyMahul Road, Chembur,Mumbai-400074, MH.M-09821211177, 022 25536379, 32675465,09821757416, 09323444276 Mumbai,Chembur Patanjali Chikitshalya,Miranda Baithi Chawl, Shop No. 23,J.K. Sawant Marg, Dadar (W),Mumbai – 400028, Mh.Ph. 022 32158989, 09987605556 Mumbai,Dadar (W) Patanjali ChikitshalyaDev Raj Enterprises, Anupam BuildingB Wing, Below Visha Transport,Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg,Opp. Ghatkoper Telephone Exchange Ghatkoper , Mumbai-400086, MH.Ph.-022-32408989,25158989 Mumbai,Ghatkoper Patanjali Chikitshalya,Chandramahal Building,Near Parsi Dairy, Princess Street,Marine Lines, Mumbai, Mh.Ph. 022- 66396525 Patanjali ChikitshalyaJiwan Jyoti PharmaL-205/209, Tower No-6,International Infotech ParkVasi Railway Station ComplexVasi Navi Mumbai, MH.Ph.-022 27810025-26 Mumbai,Vashi Navi Divyanshu Health CarePushpanjali, Plot No-204 Ground Floor, Sector-28, Palm Beach MargVashi, Navi Mumbai-400705, MH.M-09819856592, 09833745316Ph. 022 – 27895304 Mumbai,Vashi Sec.-28 Patanjali Chikitshalya12/375, G.K. Marg,Near Bharat Textile Mills, Worli,Mumbai – 400018, MH.Ph. 022 24941189, 24931303,M. 9821118765 Mumbai,Worli

  5. Salut! am comandat eu si aceasta " splendoare'precum si multe Alte Produse , astept.Pe Dar … Sunt inca 03-07 si Ro Comanda am platit si nici macar Nu ne credeti mail mi -au trimis.Ce , MAI pacta sunt sanse sa vina de acum ? Sa Mai intimplat cuiva ?

  6. Hey AnamikaDid you try out the the Tejus Tailum. If yes, have you written its review coz I didn't find it. Could you please write one. And, one more thing, have you tried honey from Baba Ramdev….it is said to be pure Himalayan Honey. Or, any other product coz there are many listed in their site.

  7. i have used itbut haven;t reviewed it..will review it tomorrow.yes i have tried the honey too..it is quiet pure ..got to review many of their products..will do it soon:)

  8. I used the kanti lep after reading the review but frankly I was disappointed 🙁 well, I think this is more suitable for people with combination and oily skin rather than normal or dry skin so according to me normal to dry skin people can easily give it a miss and they would not lose anything…

  9. btw, anamika, i got it from the same shop which you were talking about with anushri…just curious, do you work in microsoft?

  10. ive been using this for almost 1 month and it helped clear alot but what about the blemishes? It isnt very fast in helping clear those.. When do you think they will all go by? 3months???

  11. i used it once n i noticed it gives a yellow look to d skin..kept it hardly for 5 min….n it also has henna seeds…so m jus afraid to use it again cuz f dat….i dont want my face to look like as if i have applied henna on it…!!!!! dint u feel d same while usin it???

  12. Again, another product i’ll try for reducing my acne which has been caused after using Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash..It spoilt my hardwork of 3 mnths for keeping my face pimple clean 🙂

  13. But how long do you keep the mask on during each application? It suggests 3-4 hours. Who has the time and the patience?

  14. :reallypissed: Hey Anamika, i started applying the Divya Kanthi lep powder from past one week.

    I have applied it daily before i go to sleep & wash my face once i woke up..

    But i found small, small pimples on my face…

    can you pls advice how many times i need to use and how many hours i need keep this pack on face..

  15. Hi Anamika, used this lep today..i have a question, do you apply the lep only on affected area or the whole face like any other facepack?I kept it for 45 mins but found my face very dry after washing it off. I have acne scars on my face, planning to apply this everyday to see its results.

  16. hi Anamika …I am using this product for last 10 days daily night and now acne is more than before ….can you tell me that acne first comes out and then will slow down or this product is not suitable for me or I should stop applying this anymore….

  17. And I am also applying pitanjali aloe vera gel morning but acne is more than before ….how long it will take to cure acne problem…….kindly advise me I m in big trouble…

    • Harsh, I have been using this cream almost daily for last 15 days for acne scars..I cant see any difference yet but i want to use the whole bottle..

      I had severe acne problem and darkening of skin when i used patanjali aloe vera gel..Stopped using it now. Try one new thing at a time, you’ll be able to judge better which products suit you and which dont.

  18. thanks a lot for your suggestions anu and anamika……
    but Pitanjali doctor at delhi told me that this is happening because this is the purification process and first acne comes out than slow down..will take minimum three months to see improvement. & will remove permanently.Is there anyone who has experienced this treatment ever before????
    I am very confused ????
    I should continue or keep patience….
    & Anu how you cured your acne..

  19. Hi can anybody help me, actually i have used the Kanti Lep 2 times, but i’m facing so much of irritation on my skin and few pimples occurs after using this what should i do, should i use it or not.. or its a general thing.

  20. i have just started using this with rose water to remove pimple scar as advised by doctor at patanjali…
    i will post my result after some time…

  21. hello,

    I am 18 years old and i recently recovered from chicken pox but some of the chicken pox marks have left scars on my face hence I started applying divya kantilep face pack just a week before only once, Kindly advice me regarding how often shall i apply it to get rid of the scars, I have got deep scars on my face.Its been a month and a half and they have not reduced.

    Kindly help.

    Thank you

  22. hello,
    very nice blog and useful tips :), my name is ankit from MP.
    btw just need your suggestion….my girlfriend face skin is getting dull day by day…
    even her hand is also getting dark (may be sunburn). earlier she had fair skin complexion (not very, you can understand it was combination of wheatish and lighter) and the complexion was beautiful..
    now this day her face look totally changed due to darkness and dullness of her skin.

    i found your blog and what shall i say…your blog is totally awesome…i’ve read some of your post.
    i have suggest her to use “divya kantilep by patanjali” (already posted by you in your blog). and she started using it.

    i am guy lolzz :toothygrin:
    dont know much about these cosmetics and home remedies skin treatments, whether it’ll work or not. (recently i was noticed that she has some dark spots in her face near her cheeks ) :nababana:
    i will be grateful to you if you help me :snicker:

    Thank You

  23. i use kantilep as a face scrub.n than apply patanjali badam rogan on face before going to bed.
    i have dry skin. these two prodcuts help a lot to keep my skin soft.

  24. it’s been more than 4 months since I hav started using these products.. divya kantilep, aloevera gel, facewash, the blood purifier syrup and also the kayakalp vati tablets.. initially I started these medications due to appearing of 3 acnes all together on my cheek… as I continued the products the condition got worst and whn I consulted the patanjali doc he suggested me not to give up as it due to clearing stage of germs.. now’s it’s been more than 4 months.. my acnes haven’t been cured yet though it is now in a reducing stage.. my initial stage wit 3 achnes was far better than my today’s skin condition

  25. n m not sure whm or wit to put the blame on… ramdev’s products or my hormones?… haven’t given up hope yet as I see a whole lot of ppl happy wit its products..

  26. hi i am a teenager . i just went through ur blog and planning to use kantilep since i have combination skin and very dull skin . how many times do i need to use this . plz help me

  27. hi, I was using this kanti-lep from couple months …..about four month regular basis
    but i dint have that much of improvement on my acne vulgaris ..
    and i apply this lep before going to sleep and wash after woke up …..and i apply this lep with aloe vela gel…
    with dis i do pranayama on regular basis
    please reply mi

  28. 2 questions. Does lemon juice work when mixed with powder? Does 3-4 hours really do the trick because the label reads 1-2 hours?

  29. Maine pore 4 year medicated tupes use ke fairness k leye lekin on he shod t he darknes a gye kya yeh divya kanti lep en side effects ka solution hai Maine pandrem plus,no scars ,and nafiaaa cream use ke thi jinse face pr bhot hairs hai face bhiiii darkkk

  30. Hi. i had severe acne in the past but now the acne has cleared but the marks and the redness is still persistent over my cheeks. I hv been using divya kanti lep since around 10 days only. Does it help in reducing the redness? I keep the pack on the face for some 20-25 minutes only.


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