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Yesterday we all planned a road trip to Ramo Ji City which is situated at outskirts of Hyderabad, some 170 km from Begumpet. We were six friends and started at 8:30am .The best thing about Hyderabad road trips is clear blue skies with no traffic very much unlike Delhi πŸ˜›


Ramu ji city tour hyderabad


We had breakfast at Udipi .I was never fond of South Indian food before and thanks to this restaurant I LOOOVE South Indian food now.Food here is not expensive and of top quality, with this the tea which they serve is also amazing.Whenever we go there we always end up having two cups at least.

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Reaching Ramo Ji City was easy only thing which we found disturbing was that there were  no clear sign boards to Ramoji.Route from Airport road is pretty straight if only you know it πŸ˜› . I can give you one tip which is follow your nose πŸ˜›

We took Ramo ji star experience package which cost us about  Rs1200 each and included meals, AC bus, guide and pretty much everything.

Ramo ji is huge (around 2000 acres – largest in world and also in Guiness records)  and if one wants to cover the whole place then better reach the place by 10-11am.Beauty of the place is that hardly anything is real:P

Shooting of many films takes place every day and they have almost everything which one director needs to shoot here.All things are made from Plaster of paris and look too real to be believed.

Below is the artificial waterfall which looks pretty and ideal for most shooting πŸ˜‰

Ramu ji city tours

There were this Kripalu caves which look more or less like Ajanta caves

Ramu ji city tours timings

All these structures have been buit for shooting and there are around 500 set location out there.

Ramu ji city tour timings


This house is just a wall and is made from plaster of paris .Behind this wall of this house is empty space which was unbelievable.There were around 10-20 different types of houses there which are used for shooting.

Ramu ji Hyderabad


This one is real albeit I initially thought it isn’t:P

Ramu ji city tour packages


Large pool, artificial waterfalls, intricately carved caves, an airport terminal, hospital set, railway station, churches, mosques and temples, shopping plazas, palace interiors, chateaus, rural complexes, urban dwellings, a winding highway, and model US and European sets etc etc …One can find almost whole world here.


Mein bhi Mahduti dixit banna chahti hun πŸ˜›


Aren’t these dolls cute – I wished to take all of them home πŸ™

Doll Museum IndiaSpiderman stuck in India :D:D

Film City Hyderabad


This too is not real but doesn’t look like :D:D.Whole place is very clean with lush green garden .There were some culutural programmes as well and artist there were immensely talented.

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Hyderabad city tours


Cutest tea pot I have ever seen πŸ™‚

Holiday packages from Hyderabad


There were many other things which which North Indians don’t get to see usually.It is a fantastic place and if you visit Hyderabad don’t forget to take out one day for this place.

Here is a small video for you πŸ™‚

Have you been to Ramo Ji City ??


  1. Isn’t it a lovely place Ana?? I have been there as a part of our college trip in our final year…and really enjoyed one whole day..The food they served was yummilicious…

    The railway station, the caves even the havelis of jaipur are recreated there in such splendour…You kindled some sweet memories in my life…thank u for the post

    • seriously it is a lovely place:)

      and that meena bazaar, jaiphri haiweli infact they even had Titanic ship lolz:D

  2. In the above pic u resembles trisha, the actress :p

    I had been there as part of collage tour and it ahd been really nice experience. One whole day we spent there,still missed some parts

  3. Heyyy! So this is where u were yesterday…must hav had an awesome time ya.. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: I looove the Bharatiya Spidy… πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  4. lolz…Bhartiya spidy :rotfl::rotfl:

    yes went this place yesterday…when u come next time to Hyd ..do let me know we will go together.. and take part in some shooting out there :rotfl:

  5. its an amazing place anu :clap: ..i went there when i was in 8th standard for our annual school picnic..had lots of fun wit frnds 😎 …wat other places r u planning to c??went to mount opera n sanghi temple????

    • i don plan things pavani but yes will surely check out the places:):)
      never knew that u r from Hyderabad πŸ™‚

  6. Wah! kiya trip hay yaar?? u must have enjoyed yesterday :-)) yeha tu itni garmi hay k banda ghar say poa bhi baher nahi nikal saktey πŸ˜₯

  7. me toh 100% hyderabadi..there r many gud temples n all in hyderabad surroundings anu..like 50-150 km around..i ll try to give deatails if u r interested in visiting temples… πŸ™‚

  8. anu which place r u frm..delhi???n the gods u worship??just asking out of curiosity becoz v have lots of diff temples here in andhra ?:-)

  9. its a nice place….did u see the victorian buildings…they look so real that u feel ur in england πŸ˜€ shd be definitely visited once!!!

  10. ohh shivji z my favourite god..dont know y but after watching om namah sivai: serial on doordarshan in childhood i became subconciously inclined to bholenaath :-)) did u watch it anu

  11. hi heena n they are considered the most perfect couple in all regards ..n worshipping lord shiva n fasting on monday will bless u wit ur perfect soul mate..i heard it sumwhr.. πŸ™‚

  12. Anamika, It’s such a big place, I’ve been to this place few years back. I wore heels on that day, that was the day when I realized never wear heels when you are going out to a museum or theme park :sweat:

  13. Accha, I wanted to tell you look like a celebrity 😎 in the pic, I’m too scared to meet you in person bcoz I’ll be awestruck & look like a gaoun ki ladki & will not be able to speak :sweat:


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