Reader beauty problem and solution(Thank you)

I keep receiving mails from girls regarding there beauty and fitness problems. Most of the time mails are related to skin and hair .Some times I do receive mail asking for weight loss tips.One of my reader Sandhya lost 3 kg of weight after following the weight loss tips.(So happy to know that!!!)
It give me immense pleasure and I can not thank you guys enough for giving me your love and trust.
The reason I thought of taking this up because I am seeing this as a regular problem and therefore I had to write about it so that others can also benefit from it .Yesterday I received a mail from one of my reader.Mail goes like this
I can’t recall how I reached ur blog but it’s one of the best. I want you to suggest sumthing for my skin as it’s turning really problematic. I have acne prone skin and acne appear from time to time but the main problem is the dry bumps on my skin. They are not pus filled.It just give me such a bad appearance when I don’t have a even skin.Adding to the problem, I get blackheads after 2 or 3 days of removing them. Please Please help!”
Whenever I suggest a herbal remedy to a person I always ask the person to keep their stomach clean.
If you want your skin to be healthy and glowing then never keep yourself constipated.Constipation has become one of the major problem nowadays. Initially people ignore it and later it becomes a severe problem which shows on your face and health.
I asked her if she remains constipated and she replied back saying she too suffer from this problem .
If you remain constipated then you will always suffer from weight,acne and many other problems.I have read in many books that one should have bowel movement twice a day.Once in the morning and  at night but frankly speaking I never managed that so I wont ask you to do this.But no cream or herbal remedy will work if one is constipated.
To help you out  below are some of the herbal remedies which can help you out .
1.Eat two apples every morning and do not cut them.Eat them in their natural form .With this if you drink lemon water with little salt(empty stomach) it will regularise your bowel movement.
2.Your treatment depends upon how old your constipation problem is therefore if you are at a stage that fruits and lemon do not help you then you can use castor oil.Whenever you are constipated take 1tsp of it with warm water.
3.Large dry grapes(munakka in hindi) helps in chronic constipation.Soak 7-8 dry grapes  overnight in half cup of water.Drink the water and eat the dry grapes early in the morning(empty stomach)
4.Eating fruits like papaya, bael, guavava, banana helps in regulariding the bowel movement.
5. Haritake, Harar(Terminalia Chebula) is very effective in constipation.You can roast it in few tsp of  ghee  and powder it up.Take 1tsp of powder with warm water every night before going to the bed.You can gulp them with water if you don’t like the taste.
Eat less of rice and drink 8-10 glass of water every day.
These all remedies are tried and tested but you might be allergic to some ingredient therefore consult a doctor before using it.
Also, Nowadays mail frequency has increased and I try my best to reply  as soon as possible but still if I am little delayed then please don’t think that I won’t reply you back .I will surely reply you back as soon as possible.
Blogging is am amazing world and I am so glad that I am part of it.I have made many friends out here which I hope will be life long:)
Recently two of my blogger friend Sovina and Maki gave me a blogger award.Sovina has fantastic fashion sense and Maki is a make up lover who like all Indian things.Check out there blogs here and here.Thanks you Sovina and Maki .You both make my world beautiful:)

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  1. Dear Anamika,Saw your closeup. Man you are so pretty. Thanks honey for sharing this with us. You really deserv an award, you put in so much hard work and you are helping so many of us.Thanks for being such a great help.regardsShiva

  2. hey!dis is my e mail :)!you are so rite!~no matter what I apply on my face, I don't get a healthy skin coz the problem is from within!Constipation has actually made my skin horrible!I want to add one more solution to the problem!drink a cup of warm milk with isphagol eiher by adding it in the milk or taking it separately! I am always awaken by the urgency to go the bathroom in the morning!It's just that I am too lazy and I dont like to drink milk! I kept on ignoring constipation and now I am facing the [email protected] Anamika, if I pass out regularly, when am I going to see the changes on my skin?

  3. isphagol is good too and doesnt taste that bad..I too had taken it but it never regularised me..So i switched to harad which made me regular..You will start feeling nice with in a week but will see noticable difference with in 20 days or more…it will be a difference which will be noticed by every one..:)Thank you for commenting and contributing to it:)


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