Real Difference Between Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Surgery


Real Difference Between Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Surgery

Hello everyone!

How is everyone doing? I have lately been engaging in a lot of self-debate upon the fact that whether Priyanka Chopra underwent one or more cosmetic surgeries? In reply to many of my self-raised questions, I received quite a few bizarre replies. Some even claimed that she indeed, has had more than just one PLASTIC surgery!

Initially I was really disturbed, but then it stuck to me that like most of the people, the commentator had used the words Plastic surgery and Cosmetic surgery interchangeably! He did not mean plastic surgery, what he meant was a cosmetic surgery! People do have ignorance when it comes to distinguishing between plastic and cosmetic surgeries but, let’s get our facts straight for once and for all now!

Read below to know more!

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What Is Plastic Surgery?

If there is an interchangeable word for a plastic surgery, then it should undeniably be Reconstructive Surgery! You may wonder. Why call it a reconstructive surgery? I’ll give you a simple and pretty straight forward reply for this because it helps reconstructing the damaged parts of your body!still not clear? Let me explain it this way!

Imagine someone who went through a brutal accident, and the accident may have left him with all the other abilities to see, hear, drink, stand, sit and everything but may have left the patient with a disfigured face or hand or leg, or any other part of the body! Now is when a plastic surgery comes to play its role! It will reconstruct that particular part of your body which requires certain modifications.

Another example where plastic surgey works is when someone has lost, say, his ear in an accident! This leaves him with a disfigured facial structure (physical loss of the ear) as well as impedes him with a lack of hearing (virtual loss). A plastic surgery can reconstruct an ear for the patient as well as get back his sound system to normal. Same goes with patients with cleft lips, and conditions like that. The disfigurement can be both aesthetic as well as functional in cases of plastic surgeries.

What Is A Cosmetic Surgery?

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In complete contrast to PATIENTS who NEED to get a Plastic Surgery done; cosmetic surgeries are performed on pretty normal, healthy human beings who want to alter the way in which they look and are ready to go under the knife to suit their whims!

Supposedly, a person is not happy with the way her nose gets  broad at the end, and wants a slimmer nose to match the preconceptions of beauty laid down by our society he or should will go for a nose job. Same goes for fuller lips, breast jobs, cheek uplift, and what not! Basically, cosmetic surgery is the answer to those people who are just not ready to accustom their own self in their perception of beauty, and have a few spare lakhs of rupees to splurge on their looks!

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A 50 or 60 year old woman may have the most radiant skin given her age, but she would like to undergo a facelift to get rid of all the sagging and wrinkles then she has an option for a cosmetic surgey!

What is the Basic Difference then?

Although I am pretty sure, your doubts have been pretty cleared by now on what is the difference between the two surgeries! But even if you are still unsure, let me give you a very basic example!

anushka in bombay velvet

A cosmetic surgery is what Anushka Sharma got done for her now duck-like lips to suit her fancy; while a plastic surgery is what any other acid attack victim would have to undergo, in order to live a better, and normal life!

Now, I believe that was spot on!

What are your thoughts on Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery?

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