Real Techniques By Samantha Chapman Your Finish/Perfected Stippling Brush Review


real Techniques Core Collection Set

Hi Sweeties!

Today I am going to review one of the most famous affordable stippling brush which has created a stir in the entire makeup world. So Its none other than the Real Techniques Stippling brush which I got along with Powder brush and Expert brush with my dear friend Sushmita. Do you think I got the stippling of my dreams???  Read on guys to know more. Also checkout the pic of my complete Real Techniques brush collection. Forgive me guys for flaunting it!  :-p

Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review Collection of brushes+brush makeup

About Real Techniques Stippling Brush:

This dual-fiber brush is the trade secret for creating airbrushed, high-definition results with all types of makeup:

>look pixel-perfect even in harsh light

>ultra-plush, synthetic bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free

>self-standing for easy storage

>extended aluminum handle is light and easy to use

Price: 10$.Those abroad can buy it online.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review Description+makeup brush

My take On Real Techniques Stippling Brush:

A year back I rarely knew anything about stippling brush and its usage in makeup for creating air brushed look. I just had a Sigma Buffer brush and Body shop brushes from high end brand, rest I was dependent on Lakme absolute makeup brushes and vega professional ones. I did not know the difference between a stippling brush and a buffing brush, both seemed similar to me. But in true sense both are quite opposite in terms of make and usage too. Seriously I came to know about many kinds of makeup brush and their usage after I bought Vega professional buffer brush some 7-8 months back. I checked several you tube videos and few videos of Makeup artist Koren Zander of EnKoreMakeup really helped me a lot. He is just fantastic guys, you seriously need to check out his videos. Just would love to tell you guys that though Vega calls it a buffer brush, its actually a duo fiber stippling brush with very long bristles which are stiff and loosely packed with lots of space between each bristle. Just one word of caution guys, it really hurts me on face whenever I stipple foundation. Anyways back to review, kindly read the following to know more regarding Real Techniques stippling brush.

Packaging: Stippling brush comes encased in a plastic box with the face of Samantha Chapman printed at the back of the box and information regarding the make of the brush is mentioned just below the picture of Samantha. Overall I liked the packaging , it will prevent damage of the brush during transit.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review Details+makeup brush sets

Make of The Brush: Real Techniques stippling brush has a pink handle with a wider black base for keeping the brush in vertical position. I really liked the overall concept of brush design. Bristles are 100% cruelty free and made up of ultra plush synthetic duo fiber taklon bristles. Bristles are quite stiff and packed a bit apart from each other creating space which helps in stippling foundation onto face imparting better coverage. Most of the stippling brush available in market have very long bristles which makes it very cumbersome and time taking to use those. I feel they are not suitable for beginners, they will end up getting patchy look as they won’t have full control on bristles which would keep on bending and the foundation would dry up giving uneven look. In this case, Real techniques stippling brush comes to rescue. Its stiff firm, somewhat short bristles lets you have full control over application whether you want to stipple the product or swirl the product, the brush gives amazing result. It saves time too, stippling is fast and you are done within couple of minutes. Its a good brush for beginners. I have washed it 3-4 times and I have experienced no shedding of bristles or change in shape of the brush. Best part is that these bristles never retain the stain of foundation and with just one wash they become as white as new. 🙂

Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review Package+make up brushes

Taklon is used as a “green,” “vegan,” “allergy free” or synthetic alternative to animal hair brushes. Taklon brushes are more hygienic than real hair brushes. Natural hair has an irregular surface which traps powders, dead skin cells, bacteria and chemicals. Cleaning may not remove all these particles. Taklon lacks these surface irregularities, making it easier to clean properly. That is why a makeup brush with natural bristles retains the stain even after a thorough wash.

Stippling Brush vs Buffer Brush:

A buffer brush usually has a short handle, with large full and fluffy bristles. These bristles are quite dense and tightly packed together, these are not stiff and feel very soft on skin. These brushes work well for the “buffing” technique, which is swirling brush into powder to create an even application and sheer coverage. Its used mostly to apply compact or mineral foundation or loose powder.

A stippling brush has a long handle and much stiffer bristles, usually duo fiber bristles which are packed bit loosely creating space between each other. These are primarily used for applying liquid foundations, but can be used for blush application too. Its very useful when one does not want to go overboard with a highly pigmented blush. Stippling is basically dabbing product onto face, and going over each portion in a circular swirling manner for a smooth application. Stippling brush is mostly used for creating flawless air brushed look with liquid foundation.


Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review Handle+makeup brushes



While applying liquid foundation one has to keep few things in mind like one should not pour the foundation on top of the stippling brush rather take little bit of foundation on the back of your hand or in a empty makeup palette and cover only the top of the white bristles with the product. Don’t let the foundation seep to the black bristles. While applying one has to dab it on face continuously, never try to spread the product, just dab in dots for better coverage. Stipple the brush more at areas where you feel you need more coverage. One should not pick more product for full coverage, stippling continuously will serve the purpose. One has to be careful that while stippling, only the white bristles should move and not the black ones at all. Much like a high quality photo, the more dots per inch, better the picture, it applies to stippling and air brushing too.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review Bristles+brush set makeup

Application Tips:

For Sheer Natural Coverage: One has to Stipple the foundation on face and then swirl the brush in small circular motion outwards to get even sheer coverage which looks very natural.

For Complete Coverage/ Airbrushed Look: One has to stipple the foundation and apply in a dabbing manner creating as many  dots as possible, and keep on doing it until desired coverage is achieved.

Buffing Brush: After stippling, use a buffing brush to set the foundation with a loose powder or compact.

If you find your stippling brush is giving you patchy look or uneven application then either you are doing it wrong or you have got a dud in your hands and you really need to replace it with a good one. Kindly use a moisturizer before using a foundation for better gliding of the foundation and always use a foundation meant for your skin type.

What I liked about Real Techniques Stippling Brush:-

  • Made up 100% synthetic taklon bristles which are crulty free and total vegan allergy free brush.
  • Made up of duo fibre bristles which gives air brushed look.
  • I liked the overall packaging and make of the brush.
  • Bristles are stiff but not scratchy and do not hurt my face while stippling the product.
  • Its suitable for creating both sheer and air brushed complete coverage in any lighting whether its artificial or natural sunlight.
  • Its small firm bristles gives one a full control on the brush and one easily gets even application without getting patchy
  • Useful in creating high definition air brushed look.
  • Its helpful for creating just a flush of color while working with highly pigmented blush.
  • I never get cakey or patchy makeup with this brush.

What I did not like about Real Techniques Stippling Brush:-


  • Not easily available.
  • I had to pay huge custom charges 🙁

Rating: 4.75 out of 5, I have deducted 0.25 due to unavailability in India.

My Overall Recommendation: Highly Recommended! If you get hold of this beauty then well and good, or you may checkout Mac 187 duo fiber brush. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative then try Vega professional buffer brush.



  1. Welcome bk taps!!! I am drooling ! I have the core collection n i love it! I am looking fwd to getting a few more from this brand! Great review!

    • Thank you so much dear, i know its very lengthy, just wanted to help readers ! they would find every info regarding stippling brush this review am sure 🙂

    • This is an amazing stippling brush dear, i am regretting why i dint buy 2 :p when rupee was less n i had to pay customs , so usi samay aur ek le lena chahiye tha

    • Ya first pic is tempting i know 😀 yes they are amazing brushes, am so glad you liked those, thank you! I just wish these were available in India too

  2. What a collection, your makeup must be flawless with those brushes! Why don’t they accept debit card? seems like I will never be able to own a real techniques brush. :/

    • Thanks a lot sweetie, i hope it gets flawless with practice, but no doubt its effortless and better thn other brushes i hv used. ya the shipping and payment issues should be more flexible, even these sud b available here, u wont believe some 2 months back i was thinking like I can never ever own a RT brush shayad, dont worry, hope u wil get it soon, ask other pple, they may like 2 order wid u n share shipping n customs.

  3. Taps darling.. This is a well explained review dear. absolutely loved. 🙂 <3

    You are making me droollll your first pic is just tempting 😛 … I am eyeing on stippling and powder brush tooo 😀 kash koi club karne wali miljaye firse 😛 hehheheh…

  4. Beautifully explained Taps! :clap: Lovely detailed review. U have an envious collection for sure. Can’t get enoygh of dat first image :inlove:


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