Real Techniques Eye Makeup Brush Reviews – Starter Set


Real Techniques Eye Makeup Brush Reviews

Hello ladies! How in the world did it become Friday? This week went off as if it didn’t exist. Thanks to the mid-week holiday and ofcourse upcoming holiday season in India where we all will be excited for Navratre, Dusherra, Diwali etc etc. Till December end we all are partying non stop 😀

Coming to today’s review which is of Real Technique eye makeup brush set. This was gifted to me by Zee long back otherwise I would have never bought it. I have so many Sigma, MAC, Coastal scents, Body shop brushes that it has become little annoying .They take lot of space and then maintaining their hygiene also has to be taken care off .

So after hearing lot of reviews I never thought of  buying this but I am so thankful to Zee for gifting these to me. I would have missed such a pretty eye makeup brush set. In fact this is the one which I use the most while traveling. I love the design and the packaging also the handles which are pretty sleek and the the black end gives firm hold and doesn’t let the brush slip when put on table.

real techniques eye brush set review

Lets start straight with the uses of these brushes. I am starting from top to bottom here.

1) Techniques  deluxe crease brush:-

This brush is definitely too big from the crease but is quite multi-functional. I use it mostly to apply concealor or to blend all the colours together.This brush is quite dense and wide and less curved and that’s the reason it doesn’t fit into the crease that nicely.

2)Real Techniques  base shadow brush:

This one is meant to apply eyeshadow base and I think it works better for blending rather than packing eyeshadow colour on the eyelid. As it’s really soft and gives a good hold  I always pick it up for blending out the shade .

Real Techniques Brow brush: –

This one is multifunctional too where you can use it define brows and can be used for applying eyeliner.It’s soft and of just right size for eyeliner application.Small eyes beauties might find it little too big for eyeliner application but they can definitely use for shaping up brows.It works pretty well there.

Real Techniques Accent Brush –

This one is my favourite for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes and also for tightlining.It will be useful for everyone.

Pixel-point eyeliner brush –

This one too is great for applying eyeshadow in the inner corner of eyes and applying winged eyeliner.


eye makeup brushes beginner real techniqe

You can have a closer look at these brushes.They are of good quality and don’t shed or bleed after repeated washing.They are travel friendly and packaged well.Something which you will love to add to your collection if you are fond of eye makeup.You will definitely have one or two favourites in this set .Price is descent and their versatility makes them a must have.

Real technique brushes reviews and photos

  • Price – $14.95 on Amazon  if abroad or you can buy from I.herbs.

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  1. OMgsh I want this set and also the famous expert face brush 🙂 ! The crease brush looks so perfect to apply under eye concealer or even to contour my nose :p

  2. Its my favorite kit for eye shadow application, totally love it, just the eyeliner brush is very thick, but other all brushes r good, n can be used in sooo many ways,lovely review anamika, n liked pics a lott

  3. Yepppieeeeeeee 😀 I love this set Anamika Di.. awesome.! I am about to receive it soon … still figuring out how to use them as I don’t use eyeshadow yet.. 😛 :((


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