Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Exclusive Set Review


Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Exclusive Set

Hello Sweeties,

Today I am back with another most well known makeup brush kit from the brand Real Techniques. So kindly check out my review to find out more about it in details.


Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Exclusive Set


Price: £25.49. You can buy makeup brushes from here .

About Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Exclusive Set:

Boasting plush synthetic hair that is 100% cruelty free, the Real Techniques range has taken the beauty world by storm with its affordable, easy to use range that covers all bases. Samantha Chapman, the brains and beauty behind the fantastic range, is a beauty blogger and make-up artist herself, so she knows exactly what is suited to each individual make-up need.

The ideal way of getting Sam’s expertise with you every time you do your make-up, the Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Brush Set boasts five popular brushes (as well as one exclusive) that all have the lightweight aluminium handles that the Real Techniques brushes are renowned for. Colour coded for ease of use, with the purple handles on the eye brushes, gold handles on the base brushes and pink handles on the finishing brushes, this set is perfect for both expanding your current tool collection or starting your very first one. - E.D

  • Set Exclusive
  • High Definition Results


Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Set


A collection of Sam’s favorite brushes. Whether adding to or just starting, Sam’s Picks is an essential for every collection:

  • look pixel perfection even in harsh light
  • ultra plush bristles


  • Multi-Task Brush
  • Buffing Brush
  • Essential Crease Brush
  • Setting Brush
  • Pointed Foundation Brush
  • Fine Liner Brush

Suggested Use

  • Multi-Task Brush: for effortless application of powder, blush and bronzer
  • Buffing Brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation
  • Essential Crease Brush: soft, tapered design for effortless contouring
  • Setting Brush: Complete and look with a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter
  • Pointed Foundation Brush: use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage
  • Fine Liner Brush: ultimate tool for precision application of liquid or cream eyeliner


Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Brush Set


My take on Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Exclusive Set:

Packaging: This set comes encased in a plastic box with the face of Samantha Chapman printed at the back of the box and information regarding the make of the brush along with usage tipsis mentioned just adjacent to the picture of Samantha Chapman. All the brushes are lodged inside a thermocol piece. I was highly disappointed because this kit costs a lot compared to other kits and it does not have the panoramic brush case that is provided with other real techniques kits.

Make of the Brushes: : Real Techniques brushes have either a pink or yellow gold handle with a wider black base for keeping the brush in vertical position. I really liked the overall concept of brush design. Bristles are 100% cruelty free and made up of ultra plush synthetic duo fiber taklon bristles.

Taklon is used as a “green,” “vegan,” “allergy free” or synthetic alternative to animal hair brushes. Taklon brushes are more hygienic than real hair brushes. Natural hair has an irregular surface which traps powders, dead skin cells, bacteria and chemicals. Cleaning may not remove all these particles. Taklon lacks these surface irregularities, making it easier to clean properly. That is why a makeup brush with natural bristles retains the stain even after a thorough wash.


Multi-Task Brush: This is the most amazing brush in this complete set. Its my favourite among all.


Real Techniques multitasking brush


This is the same brush you get in a set with real techniques travel essentials kit. Its a mini version of real techniques powder brush but more soft than that. Its a bushy thick multipurpose soft brush that can be used for applying any powder product, blusher and bronzer effectively. It blends these products effortlessly without any streaks. I found the multi task brush in this kit is denser than the multi task brush I got in my Travel essentials kit. (God knows why?)

Buffing Brush: This is my second most favourite brush in this kit.


Real Techniques buffing brush


Its bristles are firm, short and tightly packed. Its round headed and one of the best buffing brush I have ever used. I use it for applying mineral loose powder and buffing cream foundations too. I also use it for blending cream blushers. I am not disappointed at all, it never fails me. There were no shedding of bristles while washing. This is also available in a set alongwith other brushes in Real techniques Core essentials kit.

Essential Crease Brush: This brush is a unique brush, its neither available separately nor in any kit of real techniques.


Real Techniques crease brush


Its only available in this exclusive set. Its indeed soft and not very thick, its tapered design helps in blending the eye shadows. It picks up right amount of product. If you want a blending brush with longer soft bristles which not very thick, then surely check this out.

Setting Brush: This brush is available separately and one can purchase it from several online shopping sites.


Real Techniques setting brush


Shapewise I will say, its the big version of real techniques eye shader brush. It is slightly tapered at ends and it can be used for applying highlighter. Its neither too big or small. I find it quite effective. It retained its shape after wash. I liked this brush but I wont repurchase it separately.

Pointed Foundation Brush: Its a flat pointed foundation brush in this kit. Its the most disappointing brush in this entire kit. I rarely reach out to this brush.


Real Techniques pointed foundation brush


In an interview Samantha Chapman revealed its her favourite foundation brush, I mean seriously Sam, out of all brushes in this world this is your favourite?????? I am sorry I am judging her now. But seriously I wish it was not this flat and small. I cannot use any foundation with it. I use it for applying highlighter or for contouring my nose.

Fine Liner Brush: All right Sam, let me tell you this is no where near to the ultimate tool for applying liquid or cream liner. Its another disappointing product in this kit.


Real Techniques fineliner brush


First of all its too long and soft, so we can never get precise application with a cream liner using this. It is also pretty thick and one cannot get thin lines out of it. If someone wants a brush for getting thick lines using a liquid liner, then yes it can used that way but whether it will give precise application or not, please decide it yourself.

Availability: It is a limited edition exclusive set which is no more available at real techniques website but few other sites have this set in their stock and one can buy from those sites. So yes getting hold of this set now would be an issue.

What I liked about Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Exclusive Set:

  • -Made of cruelty free taklon bristles.
  • -I did not experience any kind of shedding with these brushes.
  • -It has buffing and multi task brush from core essential and travel essentials kit.( Both of my favourite brushes in a single kit)
  • -They have aluminium handle with extended broad base. The handle is lightlweight and not too long.
  • -It has essential crease brush that is exclusive in this kit.
  • -All the brushes are quite soft.
  • -Its a multipurpose kit, for complete face makeup.

What I did not like about Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Exclusive Set:

  • -Its a limited edition set.
  • -Its quite pricy compared to other kits.
  • -I did not much like the eye liner and pointed foundation brush they could have included something else.
  • -One has to pay huge shipping and custom charges.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Will you repurchase it? No I would not repurchase it. I really love this set but I would love to buy brushes from other brands available in market.

My Overall Recommendation: I would recommend this kit to all of you, excluding pointed foundation brush and eye liner brush, I liked every other brush. I wish a panoramic brush case was provided with it too. Still, if you can get hold of this kit then do purchase it.

Have you tried Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Exclusive Set?

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    • Absolutely agreed! and they call it precision eye liner brush, i mean even cheap vega eye liner brush is much much better! i have two of those eyeliner brushes, one from eye starter kit and another from this sam;s pick, i am not able to use it much, this one and tht pointed brush are duds, or else kit is nice


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