Reasons Of Hair Breakage Too Often & Remedies


Reasons Of Hair Breakage Too Often & Remedies

Hair Loss has been a burning topic of concern among women since long. Its the men too who are now at the losing end when it comes to hair loss and eventual baldness! My brother in law worked as a consulting Trichologist with a renowned company catering to hair loss treatment in India. It was during that time only I got to know the potential causes of hair loss!

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So here are some of the most common reasons of hair loss and hair thinning which need to be checked in due time. So, if there is a medical condition in the body due to which hair loss is very evident, it can be timely treated!


It is often observed that most women undergo a lot of emotional turbulence. The hormonal fluctuations start occurring with pregnancy which makes them more vulnerable to hair loss to a drastic level. However, as the baby is born and hormones start regulating and keeping up. The problem eventually gets treated but in some case it is not so. Some women experience terrific hair fall which is bound to be checked so that a timely treatment can do the needful!

How To Prevent Hair Loss Treatment

Obesity & Stress-

A lot of people are less aware of the fact that stress and obesity are one of the major causes of excessive hair loss. One thinks that obesity can affect only your health in terms of physical durability!

Remedies– Refrain from high carbs as they can only worsen your obesity problem. Stay active and exercise. Try to stay cheerful and engage yourself in healthy activities so that stress and depression issue subside!

Genetic Factors-

If your father or mother has considerably lost a lot of hair volume but hey reach the age of 45-55, then it is a thing that you cannot reverse. Unless you are taking really healthy diet and do take good care of your hair!

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Remedies– Practice a healthy hair care routine of regular scalp rejuvenating massages and regular scalp exfoliation to promote the growth of hair. You can try the popular ayurvedic recipes of hair oil to treat hair loss issues!

Checkout an interesting Hair oil recipe for hair loss!

Thyroid Imbalance-

Another major cause of hair loss in both men and women is the imbalance of the thyroid hormone which affects the overall metabolic activities, heart functioning and various other psychological functions! If you are noticing increase in hair fall tendency then its high time you get a thyroid checkup to be sure about the problem!

Remedies– Thyroid is a major health concern, a timely diagnose can really be helpful in treating it. Engage in physical activities, eat healthy and get medication to keep a check on the fluctuating hormonal levels!


Anemia or iron deficiency in women of reproductive age and even after menopause is the root cause of excess hair loss. This in turn cause many other physiological irregularities as the blood cells need iron and the lack of it is what practically makes your hair too week and prone to fall at a much faster rate!

Remedies– Include more and more iron supplements in your diet in the form of green leaves, vegetables and medicinal supplements to replenish the iron deficiency in your body!

Excessive Heat Treatment-

If you are someone who changes their hairstyle every two months and follows a very unhealthy hair care regime then chances are there that your hair loss is going to be a drastic one. Permanent straightening, perming, excessive hair coloring etc. make the hair follicles too weak and they are eventually lost. Also the lack of proper hair care routine makes it difficult for the hair to grow back again!

Remedies– Minimize the use of heating appliances and reduce drastic hair makeovers to the least. Try to let your hair loose and let it breath and soak in the natural air.

Hope you like the above info about hair loss and common remedies!

Are you too suffering from excessive hair loss?

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