Reasons Why You Should Definitely Date An Indian Girl !!!



Reasons Why You Should Definitely Date An Indian Girl !!!

There is a sick man’s blog doing the rounds these days, which is nothing more than shitty thoughts (read this post here)  framed in fancy words to gain popularity. My dear Mr. Philander first and foremost let me state that I pity you, I pity you a lot and totally understand that getting dumped by Indian women got you hurt at your ego. Why don’t you simply get in a corner and cry rather than talking absurd? ; Because it is doing no good to you, but is simply letting us know that why you got dumped.

I do not even bother recalling your name, so for the whole article I shall be referring you as Mr. Philander…. You should definitely reach up to me and thank me because after all this crap I am still using a dignified “Mr.” to refer an idiot like you.

Well while you have been try to misguide your readers about Indian Women, let me take this responsibility to let people know what real Indian women are like and why you should definitely date an Indian Women.

Read On.

Love Is Our Priority:



Getting an Indian woman into bed is not as easy as you might just want. Mr. Philander sounded like a rejected creep because his Indian girlfriend denied to sleep with him, well that’s because she wanted to be sure enough if you are a good guy and deserve her love, she would not simply sleep with you because you want her to. Go get a life beyond sex.
We Indian women do not wait to get a rich man to settle in life. We are self dependent enough to take care of ourselves and our families, all we look in men is some moral values and love. An Indian woman would never stay in a relationship where there is no love and probably that’s why you just got yourself dumped!

Indian Women Are Intelligent:



We are not bimbos instead are beauty with brains. We have a better IQ and vast knowledge, not just about science but also take keen interest in history, general knowledge etc. We have great geographical knowledge and do not mix up the globe by mentioning Pakistan & India or America & Canada as the same country.

Family Values Are Important To Them:

We value relations and know what family is. Unlike various other continents’ girls, an Indian woman will consider your family as hers and would never plan to hijack you and ditch the family. She does every possible sacrifice to have a happy family united together. Just for your info Divorce cases are least in India and this is because Indian women are patient, they will be by your side in thick and thin. Not just ditch you and run away leaving you alone in your bad days.

We Live With Our Principles & Have High Moral Values:

We Indian women are brought up in a way that we know what self dignity is and will never compromise on our principles & moral values.  You can never find us easy on our values, because we are women of substance and not just grown up with the idea to please fools like you.

Kama sutra Originated In India:


Ajanta Ellora

Mr. Philander just for your info Kama sutra was an Indian find, which has everything about sex and world follows it. It is just the personal choices which in no way mean that we have conservative mindsets.

We are Also Humanist Not Just Feminist:

We being feminist looked like a huge botheration for you. Well as I already mentioned we have ethical principles and rich moral values, this makes us strong enough to stand against crime and shout out for our rights. Your continent might have women who would not want to help a helpless woman but will rather worry about her manicure, but we certainly will help any woman to have her rights and justice.

Moreover we are strong humanist too, just in case if you ever find yourself as a victim you can definitely reach us, we will help you despite of your sick attitude towards us, because we are not grown up with a racist mentality but are brought up as humans.

We Have Got the Best Curves & Beautiful Facial Features:


We have Got Curves

You got a problem with our assets!!! We have got the best curves which gets millions of men crazy and not just men, women across the globe are found putting in extra efforts to have assets like us, probably this is why cosmetic implants have become very popular. We do not need to put in extra effort to get attention of fools like you, because men like you would do anything for us but since they do not match up to our standards in IQ and morals we do not pay any heed to them.

Are you mistaken that white skin belongs to your continent only? Well we Indians are a mix of dusky and white skins, but what remains common are the prominent beautiful facial features. We have really got some serious facial features to make the world envy.

Have Huge Sense Of Self Respect:

Self respect is of utmost importance to us, we won’t date you to pay our bills. We believe in taking our care ourselves and would never allow you to even pay a penny for us. All we want is love in a relationship.

So next time when you take an Indian woman on date never ever try to show your money power, she will dump you right away.

Love To Do Our Chores On Our Own:


Cooks her Own Food

We do our chores ourselves, from laundry to mopping we do it ourselves and do our professional jobs too. We are greay multi taskers. Indian working women after a whole hectic work day returns home and cooks food rather than purchasing packed foods every now and then. We totally understand that nothing can beat the love and care that we put in while preparing our meals.
Our food is very tasty, the world knows it but you look like an alien to me so please give a shot to Indian food. You will know not only us but our food too is magical.

We Value Emotions:

You would rarely find an Indian woman taking a dig at your troubled situation, or using you in the name of love. We value emotions, and this counts for every emotion. Mr. Philander if you happen to realize your mistake do apologize, you never know just in case we find your apology setious, we will even value that emotion.

Ayurveda & Yoga Are Native To Ancient India:



I read you talking about being skinny and all. Well that’s crap. Skinny is never considered Healthy & Fit, look I told you we have better general knowledge and truly understand the difference between Skinny & Fit.
Ayurveda & Yoga are native to Ancient India; you must know the world follows them crazily.

We Stay Youthful For Longer Span:

We don’t get Wrinkles as soon as various other continent’s girls so if you date an Indian Woman you will probably have a younger looking partner. We have this in our genes and are not totally dependent upon chemical treatments like girls from various other continents are.

The list goes on and on, you will get tired but good qualities of Indian Women would rarely come to an end. You also looked bothered about we singing glories of India and its culture. That’s because we have a reason to sing, I do not think that your continent is as rich and diverse in culture as India.

You wanted us to forget Aishwarya Rai and other hot celebrities, why,  just because you don’t have them!

I respect men, I respect Women and above all I respect Humanity, but your blog gave me some serious questions about the way you were brought up. Was it only sex that played major role in your upbringing? Is your mom not ashamed of giving birth to a pervert like you? I so hope that you do not have  a sister, because I am sure she will be totally disgusted to see how her brother talks about women, most importantly how her brother thinks about women? I also hope that you do not ever have a daughter because you will be the worst father ever!

Did your wife not leave you yet or by god’s grace you are already divorced or not yet married?

You do not deserve to be around any women!

Your blog clearly shows how even after getting dumped you kept on trying on other Indian women, which got you dumped and rejected again & again. I know that we Indian women are irrestible, but one serious tip for you, do not try any further because you will be rejected repeatedly. 

I again say “ I Pity You”, go get a life, your life should not end after getting dumped by Indian Women, do not feel rejected, you can still date bimbos because you deserve nothing better. 

For all who have not yet read that piece of shit by this dumped Mr. Philander, you can read it here.

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      • it did nt hurt anybody feelings infact angered us…
        you are saying that i hve seen less… wud definitely want to know how much hve u seen… explored whole India.. i know you have not… so just shut up… and don’t judge about how much I know!

    • dude that emotional reaction is exactly his point, the exact sterotype here sorta like with ghetto black women. Have a cool mind and respond.

      • You can be cool when you read derogatory things about yourself… but we cannot…. just bcoz v give you a taste of your own recipe, you hve gone insane.

  1. little long, had a feminst isque vibe to it until scrolling down to confirm it.

    heres my bit

    with the aggressive tone towards him and shaming you are kinda proving his point and others like him. You are wearing your emotions on a sleeve as mentioned later(similar to latinas and arabs).

    true indian women arent easy and usually hold for marriage before sleeping with them. But money is a huge issue for them and other tradtional women,these are the ones that take care of the family. They dont chase losers like any other woman. However many of these feminized westernized promiscious ones do, morality and good character isnt there thing its excitement they look for. They can only take care of themselves cuz no one is willing to support them unless of course they demand freebies from the government here, nut thats a western issue.

    That IQ and looks not quite.
    unfortunatly this has kinda been a sterotype for quite some time in the commonwealth nations here. Though the western born ones male and female do look better when you compare them(must be the hormones). We can compare fob indians and western indians and typically the western ones are bigger taller curvier musculear and for some reason if not fat the jaw and cheekbones are more promenient, while the motherland ones seem to have smaller and softer faces, similar when we compare our fob asian friends to our western asian friends.This has been an obseravation among us and our friends going to the motherland as well.

    The IQ however india is not there yet, its still devoloping. The only high iq people are the asians and ashkanzi jews. India will get there but itll take time. Right now we are just piggy backing off of some smart techy south indians and a few hard working fob students. Otherwise we get dumb labrours from say farmboys from punjab. Though with usa aside, 2nd gen indian kids can so effing stupid sometimes.
    fyi that astaurnaut aint hot,shes got that typically dark eye aging thing that the author mentioned. DOnt know what it is but it sux.

    the marriage part yes thats agreeable they are loyal and india does have the lowest divorce rate.( has the data). The only women that can rival that are asians thats it. slavics and latinas come close but no. But this is the traditional one not the feminized western minded ones. But those we have to be wary of since a couple have ruined it for the other ones by taking off with greencard when they come here. Indian women I wouldnt say are patient hell their temper is known here but they do have a high tolerance. Plus it helps that there alot of good men there too, probably because there is more men then women so they must work harder like women in russia.

    agreed, on that bit even though kinds getting into that moralty being better(though agreeableif trational and not americanized) then here which pissed him off.

    kama sutra, looking through the moves its the guy doing like 90% of the moves.But curious how many actually know it. Better off studying it then porn if you think about it. If anything thats a point for your countrymen. Hell use that as a selling point to get the extra men in india to graying sparsely populated female majority USSR though east asia can be another option.

    NO one likes feminists here, and many of the patterns indian feminists are showing is very similar to what we had here about 15yrs ago. Shouting for rights or specialise treatment isnt strength. Its those that actually that do the tangible work that are. Using strength in this context is just like what our narcisstic feminists speak. Now a days everyone was a hero courages brave strong by being a victim.
    IF you go in doing sound arguements through the system then begging for hand out that resilience but dont down grade on strength there.
    I cant accept the claim that indian feminsts are helping women. They are helping themselves and leaving the poor ones in the dust as they use them(1 poor woman in a documentry mentioned this wish i could find it). They are like the ones here. George Carlin has fun bits about them, they care about their reproductive rights and pocket book. Or take a page from Nick Krauser theres a reason why every feminst is ugly,since she cant get a man to provide for her. Shouldnt be a shock that asia has minimal feminism but very desirable girls same with latinas and slavics, mail order brides for a reason.

    IF indian women had good assets, then cosmetic industry wouldnt do well. The tradional clothes are very nice and are classic for a reason and is liked the world over. But not the physique underneath it. They are curvier then the asian women but not to white women. ANd no way compared to latinas(gotta see it to belive it) west africans too.
    Facial features arent always all that, sad part is though the few that are good looking are mistaken for latina or italian. But the western born ones are the better looking ones, dont belive me check it out.
    white skin uhh the lightest is usually a light olive complexion, which is white to indians which technically it is. But thats actually considered “dark skin” to whites. Like the tall dark and handsome troupe refered to olive complexion or tanned men of southern euro blood. But to indians thats fair. Udjarr(scotsman white) and gore(italian white) are too differnt things.

    BS. on that one maybe with your career woman but she wants excitement. But money and status is king.

    sounds just like the line western women say about themselves, thats bs. Working moms usually use microwavable or packages foods to feed thier kids hence why they have higher obeisty rates. Good indian foods take time only a stay at home mom can do that, few can handle the pressure and burn out. In the cities indian obeisty is getting bad, too many pot bellys, wierd that they also have so many malnourished people too. Many parallels in india. Food is good but problem lack of protein and too much carbs. Hence why diabetes cardiovascular disease are an issue, espically excercising is not part of the culture like say brazil. Though strangely many good training regimes came from there.

    emotions, yes. Indians like arabs,latinos and southern euros aka “crime of passion or honor killing cultures” have their emotions on a sleeve,hence the drama. If they like you they love you, they dislike you they hate you. Its 0 or 100 no inbetween. But thats passion for you,extreme emotion over logic. But takening a dig, that varies some are very manipulative and cold but decent wont.

    skinny isnt fit kinda gets misused around here now that people are getting fatter, but slim toned and lean are fit. THough skinny is fit if they are natural ectomorphs with small joints otherwise thats anoerxic… is a good fitness girls site despite the name.
    You dont know more about fitness, India has lost alot of its old fitness culture, hopefully it makes a comeback like 5x5sl here or wrestling(really recommended) yoga boxing in india.

    kinda runs against what you said earlier on cosmetics, in theory more melanin they should age better. But effort is more important. There are blacks and indians that look older then they really are and few whites that dont(and i mean few). Asians are light skinned but its all habit hence why they age quite well. Think in india nepali girls have a similar rep as well as those from northeast of the nation. But for some reason assuming they dont let themselves go like sooo many have, for some reason you see lines on them(some dont drink smoke or sleep around) and have that black eye thing goin on at 35ish like that astaurnaut up there.

    yes good culture, makes feminism aka gyno communism or any other ism unnecessary.

    those bollywood actors are overrated apparently in terms of looks, though the case with some celebs here.

    nuff of that condescending shaming and slandering there looks bad on your part, here in the west we lack shame, and yes many women will agree with him when they really look at the culture like that woman on the black philip show with that comedian.
    yes kinda of a racist, not a fan of it, but doesnt take away his critiism, with all the hate we been seeing since this went viral similar to any posts in other forums really do say alot about the reality espically when its straight attack and emotion.

    • So being white is your definition of beauty! Well ours is different.
      Articles like that show how sick and immature can people be.
      Nobody forced him or anyone to date an Indian girl and when you got dumped many times, you let out your frustration like that!
      Why say demeaning things about anyone if you are such nice and superior people?

    • Lools like My blog made you do a lot of research…. sadly you are not even good in researching….. in every single point there is a goof… but you are not important to me so i would not waste my time correcting you…
      by the way pamela anderson is divorcing her hubby because he is not good in bed… so does it mean that i will judge every white man’s manhood … certainly not… because we Indian women have got brains that function well and know that the bed affairs are totally personal and do not go for the whole clan… i wish you too cud use your brains…

      We having opinions and sharing it loud & clear is your real problem… but this can’t be sorted… coz this is how intelligent women are… you go and date bimbos…

  2. feels so good to read this.. Mr. Philander has a sick mind, and clearly ain’t getting ANY ‘action’ in life, atleast not from Indian women who he seems to fancy much, coz he seems to have a lot of experience with them 😛

    Kudos for this article Ritika! 🙂

    • I doubt if he will even get any action for any sensible girl in future!! Not even from sensible girls from his own land!

  3. Spot on Ritika..Your words just echoed my mind 🙂 I would also like to add on that we Indian women do not fear in putting forth our opinions and standing firm on it, which is obviously projected as being “argumentative” by some ego bloated men !!

  4. @Splooge: Splooge, Would appreciate if you could come out with your real identity first.
    Like I said above men always have an issue with opinionated women, and am guessing you sure a MAN!!

  5. Couldnt stop myself frm commenting
    Well deserved and fitting reply given … How much I wish that idiot reads this… Jaiho Women power!!!

  6. Ignore the previous post and please delete it if possible Admin. Copy paste error 😛 sorry for that.

    I have been out of the blogging game for a few months now. Keeping busy but this post really forced me to post a comment.
    It’s people like this man that bring shame to their country.

    We Indians value our culture and morals and that’s why inspite of being proudly responsible for kamasutra we dont have 15-16 year olds getting pregnant.

    Our parents brought us up well that’s why we do not have teenagers getting drunk and getting wasted on alcohol and drugs.

    We value our family so much that inspite of being independent and being entirely capable of moving out of our houses we CHOOSE to stay with our parents and be there for them even after getting married.

    I dont really care about what this man has to say because he represents a very small percentage of the population. I have American friends and they do not have a pea sized brain like this man.

    I am glad that people like him aren’t influential because world does not need such people. People like him will do anything and everything to grab eye balls. It’s a pity that he has to stoop down to such a level to get attention.

    Very well written Ritika.

    Our rich culture and our good upbringing speaks volumes about us Indians.

    We dont need to shame others like this man to prove where we stand although I did do the shaming above just inorder to highlight what Indian women stand for. Guess that much of shaming is negligible in front of what this man has said 😉

  7. Please note I meant certain section of Men AND not all ALL men by any means. I know majority of men have absolutely sane opinions but some of them just spoil it up for them.

  8. Some perverts have nothing better to do but write posts like that!

    I always thought Indian women are beautiful and they have natural features which make them stand out! Apart from them they are very caring, emotional and committed.

    Job well done, Ritika!

  9. Thats a damn tight slap to Mr. Philander’s post Ritika…I wish he gets to read this and be able to know what a piece of crap he has written just bcz he was dumped by his own course of actions!

    Thumbs Up Ritika! Proud of you! :yes:

  10. ritika I will tell you wasted your time on writing this article. We never react to some dog barking on road or mentally unstable person mumbling on road. We all know it is just waste of time. Clearly whatever he have mumbled is clearly not going to affect any of us.

    You can read in his article he had a bitter childhood with his parents always fighting and he blames on his Indian mom. Thepoor guy showing that bitterness by blaming all Indian girls We should feel pity on him. We all have parents who live for us and grown us giving plenty of love unconditionally , boy friends or husband who sincerely love us and some of us even have kids who completely adore us and make each moment of our life worthy. But this guy clearly had bitter childhood, have no wife or girlfriend as still he is in dating phase and clearly no one to love him unconditionally . So obviously he have problems and require a good counsellor

    Only thing we can do is to sincerely wish him he will also get a white girl at least at 50 or 60 like his dad, who will live with him only for his fortune even though he is intolerable. That is if he don’t die before that because of STD.

  11. This article sounds like an angry 14 year old has penned this down, I have dated 2 Indian chicks and I can vouch for the fact they were both hardcore feminists,overweight,prudes and impossible to deal with.

    As for attractive, you should know that the actresses/models you have put here are not a reflection of the average Indian chick, the blogger has clearly written ”forget Aishwarya Rai and every other smoking hot Bollywood actress you’ve ever seen: the average Indian girl has a Coke can physique and bad genes” so he clearly was NOT talking about actresses, we all know actresses/models are attractive everywhere be it in India or Nigeria, just put an average everyday White or Latina girl next to an average everyday Indian girl, you will realize the contrast, I will give you one such example, Indian actresses like Deepika Padukone are considered superhot sex symbols in India while in hollywood Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz are considered hot, now put your Deepika and those other two I mentioned side by side and you will realise who is the unattractive one among the 3, it has absolutely nothing to do with ”whiteness” since Penelope is NOT white but latina, it is just facial features and overall hotness

    Just compare Indian supermodels with International Models like Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr or Irina Shayk, they fail miserably in the attractivness quotent

    Let’s leave the attractivness issue completely for a while, Since I have dated 2 Indian chicks and known a bunch,I can speak only for them, All of them were prudes when it comes to actual sex, however had no qualms in having oral/anal,emotionally immature and draining, dumb

    also there is definitely this class/status thing among Indians,for example you will NEVER find an Indian woman who is an Engineer/Teacher who will date/marry a waiter, they look down upon men who earn less than them so how can you deny that?

    Also the caste thing is a major turnoff

    Now I am not saying out of the billions of Indians, no one is attractive,smart or sane but the ones I have dealt with I would run far away from them

    P.S Please post this


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