Rebonded Hair Problems



Hello everyone ,

I am feeling really depressed due to my hairs . An year ago , I got them rebonded as they were too rough to manage . But now they are becoming really frizzy and rough again as the bond of the hairs are opening and the chemicals have lost their effect . Please suggest me some solution for this (eg what to eat , what to apply on my hairs and how to make my hairs bouncy and soft).





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  1. Hahaha!! Welcome to the club of ex-rebonded hair…. nothing much to be done except cut off the length of frizzy hair…tie it up or else straighten it with iron…or go for re- straightening again…I have been thru this ordeal and found that the best solution was to cut off that length…No serum ever works…

  2. i hve olwys been a silent reader bt i wanna ask a qustn tdy as i read a post regrdn rebondin hair..i hve a qustn dt rebndn o strghtn wich is better 4 ma kinda hair..i hve medium lngth hair wich r thin n strght bt dey tend 2 gt tngld wen i kp em opn..i reali need ur hlp wta do wich treatmnt shd i go 4 2 mke ma hair luk strght,smooth n manageable 4 long…

    • Pooja…Keratin is the best…..other option is re bonding….if tangles is ur only issue then just use any detangling serums…like Loreal liss ultime serum…or any leave on conditioners….Go for any treatment if ur hair is unmanageable, rough,dry and u want to experiment with another look. Visit a good salon and take an experts advice on what suits ur hair better….Good Luck

  3. I had my hair chemically straightened a while ago. Initially I liked it but after a while I hated it. Ugh! those horrible days. Now I love my thick and wavy hair and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. Coming to your question, I agree with dimpy, either cut of the damaged portions or get those parts re-straightened. Or tie your hair in a plait or some kind of style in which the damage is less obvious. Depends on the length of your hair. :tap-dance:

  4. First you should give up all chemical treatments as it will make more damage on your hair….Use Pure Coconut oil massage before hair wash weekly twice or thrice… Use a mild shampoo and conditionar…Eat healthy like sprouts (green gram), Vitamin A and E. Drink lot of water… 😀

  5. Use this hair masque – coconut oil 2 tbsp, curd 2-3 teaspoons and any hair mask for dry hair. Apply and leave on hair for 1-2 hours. It really works for my dry hair though I never let chemicals come even near my hair…

  6. i have also rebonded.. but thankfully no problems.. keep your hair moisturized like crazy with tons of silicones.. but if its already damaged badly better chop it off… use a hairspa cream with steam once a week at home…

  7. Giving up chemical treatments is the best solution…but then re bonded hair looks good on me….I have been thru straightening 3 times ( Loreal ruined them once…hair cracked 1 cm above the roots…had a horrid time to regrow hair for atleast a year)…but then the love of straight hair continues and well…re bonded 2 times and finally Keratin treatment… muchever u pay..the effects last for say 6 months or a little bit more…I face the same issues once the effect withers away…try applying any leave on conditioners like Loreal Liss Ultime/ any good hair serum….and if u have to attend a function then use hair iron…I give a year between treatments…Hope this helps( :-)) )

    • I would suggest neither..u can go for relaxing ( same cost) as you already have more or less straight hair…and this does not damage hair so much.. :tap-dance:

  8. hey anamika,
    i am new here.nice to find ur blog 🙂
    I am going to shift to US in 2 months for higher studies and by the time I go..i just want to have a new look.I want to try on trendy hairstyles but to my bad luck,I have thin hair and its dull and rough.Bcoz of this,any trendy hair styles dont suit me.Can u please suggest me some effective remedies that improve the texture,quality and volume of my hair in 2 months.I have tried many home remedies like aloevera,egg,curd..wat not?but of no use. 🙁 it remains smooth for 2 days and next day its back to normal.plz suggest me some remedies and also best shampoos for dry and thin hair..


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