Recipe Of Homemade Vodka


Recipe Of Homemade Vodka

Homemade recipes of interesting food and drinks is always a better option as the food is prepared with utmost care and in hygienic environments. We can’t say the same for the food or drink available in stores or restaurants however reputed it may be! Well, homemade recipes of many items don’t come out to be as yummy as the ones you have tried outside! Drinks like beer, wine or vodka are popular alcoholic drinks liked by many people. What if one could easily prepare these drinks at home!!

homemade vodka recipe

So, to treat the summer thirst, here is a step by step homemade Vodka recipe!

Vodka is a neutral alcoholic drink without a particular color, taste or aroma. All I got to experience was that it gets this tingling sensation when it goes down the throat. 😉

Well, just like many other drinks, Vodka too can be prepared at home! Well, it does require a lot of patience and lot of efforts but if you are someone who loves to have it every now and then, you can be happy with the fact that it can be made at home.

Well, This is certainly not a child’s play so I suggest to take utmost care and prepare it under supervision. Usually, industries prepare alcoholic drinks on a large scale and they have a certified procedure which is considered safe and non-hazardous. While at home, you need to be well informed about each and every process in detail.

vodka drink

The reason for this is because during the preparation of vodka, there is a by product named Methanol which is obtained after distillation and it is hazardous for human so you need to be just sure about what percentage of the by product obtained is not fi for human use.


  • Potential source of carbohydrates (Sugar/ Molasses/ Potato/ Wheat or Grains)
  • Enzymes like yeast to break the starch into sugar compounds.
  • Essential Equipment for preparing mash
  • Equipment for distillation & filtration

Method of preparation

  • The mash of starch is left to be processed by the enzymes present in yeast which breakdown the complex starch in sugar compounds.
  • The mixture obtained is then distilled through the standard distillation process. While distillation, the by-product Methanol is left in small amounts and that is discarded.
  • To be on the safe side the mixture is distilled another time to refine the amount of alcohol in the mixture and to discard another batch of the end product.
  • Now the left mixture is filtered by treating it through carbon chambers. The store bought vodka undergoes 7 filtration stages so now you know why it tastes so smooth and free from any residual particles.
  • The filtration should be repeated till you see a clear liquid in the glass bottle.
  • The last and final step is to dilute the fresh vodka  obtained after filtration with purified/ distilled water . Since, the mixture has a strong percentage of alcohol in it, it is very strong! Ideally a ratio of 3:4 is standard for dilution process.

This was just a general approach to the basic way in which vodka can be prepared at home. You may always go for the detailed industrial method of preparation of Vodka.

Have you tried making Vodka at home?

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