Bengali Desert – Malpua Recipe


Post by Prerana Sharma,

My husband is very fond of sweets! Well, I’m not coz I don’t wana be golu-molu! Even I keep a track of his sweet intake also so that he doesn’t become golu-molu, but once in a blue moon I make some sweet dishes for him which does not contain much sugar in it, one of such a desert is Malpua. So I thought of sharing it on WiseShe too so that all of u who have a sweet tooth can try it and satisfy their sweet craving without eating too much sweet!!


1. In West Bengal the basic ingredient is Rice Flour (which makes Malpuas crispy) but since in Delhi I don’t get rice flour, I made it with Wheat Flour (Aata). Take 2 cups Aata, ie.., Wheat Flour in a big bowl.




2. Add 1 and a half cup Suji (suji makes this desert crispy). If you are using Rice Flour, no need to add suji.

3. Add two big spoon full of Sauf, this is the main flavor in this desert.




4. For a more added flavor add 2 spoon of freshly grated coconut.




5. This is Patali Gur (Jaggary made up of dates, ie., khajur), if you don’t get this you can use normal Gur also (which is made up of sugarcane). You must be knowing Gur is a rich source of iron and it doesn’t cause obesity coz it doesn’t contain glucose, sweetness is due to fructose.

You have to take approx half cup solid Gur and dissolve it in hot boiling water( in hot water Gur dissolves easily). Then pour this Gur solution in wheat flour mixture to make a paste with pouring consistency.



clip_image010 clip_image012


6. Paste with pouring consistency.





7. Now heat refined oil in a deep kadai and pour big spoon full of the batter in small portions. It will submerge at first. As it gets fried, it will start floating in the oil. Fry till it swells like a puri and golden color appears in both side. Note: frying should be done in LOW FLAME other wise it will burn / stay uncooked inside..



clip_image016 clip_image018




8. Delicious Malpua is ready… 🙂


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